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    Alan Crowther

    Alliance Life Sciences

  • Michael_Herepath

    Michael Herepath

    Optimal Access Life Science Consulting Ltd.

  • Ruven_Eulen

    Ruven Eul

    Highpoint Solutions

  • Raj_Kanapathy

    Raj Kanapathy

    Philips Healthcare

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    Alexandra Staufer

    Mundipharma International

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    Manish Sharma


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    Patrick Palluel

    Sanofi Pasteur MSD

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    Christian Schuler

    Simon-Kucher & Partners

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    Simon-Kucher & Partners

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    Ed Schoonveld

    ZS Associates

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    Gustavo Saraiva

    Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Europe

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    Enkhjavkhlan Tsogtbaatar (Jay)

    University of Pennsylvania

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    Benoît Miry


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    Istvan Szabo

    Baxter Healthcare SA

  • Carina_Schey

    Carina Schey

    University of Groningen

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    Kai-Markus Mueller

    The Neuromarketing Labs

  • Andras_Incze

    András Incze

    Akceso Advisors AG

  • Richard_Fergusson

    Richard Fergusson


  • neil_grubert

    Neil Grubert

    Panoramax Consulting

  • Ian_Tidswell

    Ian Tidswell

    Een Consulting

  • George_Boretos

    George Boretos

    Global Forecasting Solutions (official partner of BEL)

  • Paolo_Correale

    Paolo Correale

    Tefen Consulting


Our moderator Michael Herepath

Read the closing remarks from our moderator on the 2016 edition of the Life Sciences Pricing forum, that took place in Montreux on September 20-21, 2016.

‘It was a privilege and a pleasure for me to moderate this year’s EPP Life Science forum, and my sincere thanks to EPP and their partners, to our first class presenters and to all our engaged and enthusiastic participants for making this 6th forum such a great success. This year’s theme ‘Pricing under Pressure’ obviously resonated very strongly with all who attended, and stimulated
lots of high quality discussion, debate and ideas sharing among the participants from both pharma and MedTech.

The quality of the plenary presentations, the panel discussions and the breakout sessions this year
was consistently excellent, with industry leaders from across the globe tackling some of the most
fundamental pricing issues facing life sciences today. These ranged from the growing sophistication
and demands of payer systems, through the challenges of pricing innovative technologies and the most
effective ways to manage tendering, innovative contracting and using data analytics, right through to
optimizing pricing around loss of exclusivity and the usefulness of brain scanning technology in
determining perceived value and willingness to pay.

Having been challenged to make the most of this learning opportunity that had been developed by pricing specialists for pricing specialists, it was so rewarding to see how actively everyone got engaged throughout the event, with lots of great probing questions and challengers for the presenters, many thought-provoking omments and points of discussion in the panel discussions and breakout groups, and loads of sharing of information, ideas and experiences during the coffee and lunch breaks and during the very enjoyable evening cruise on lake Geneva.
It was also great to see how the forum provided a golden opportunity for old colleagues and professional acquaintances to catch up, and for all the participants to make new contacts and grow their networks.

We began the forum by everyone making a note of what he or she wanted to take away from the event. As we reviewed these towards the end of the two days, it became clear that the vast majority of the participants’ learning needs and expectations for the event had been met and, in many cases, surpassed.

Some of those key learning points included:

  • The growing need for life sciences companies to be able to demonstrate and communicate the relevant value of their
    products as solutions to meeting payers’ needs, in order to negotiate optimal prices.
  • The limitations of the revenue potential of ‘emerging markets’ and the difficulties of optimizing pricing with systems that are sometimes not transparent or consistent
  • The appropriateness and potential usefulness of ‘innovative’ pricing strategies as alternatives to traditional approaches, and how best to price different types of innovation in pharma and MedTech
  • The importance of well designed price guidelines and indices in effective payer negotiations.
  • The usefulness and the limitations of different types of analytics in effective pricing
  • The evolving role of the strategic pricing function and how to meet both global and local needs with an effective tendering management system.
  • The commercial importance of effectively managing pricing around loss of exclusivity
  • The development and potential of neurophysiology and brain scanning techniques in determining optimal prices and willingness to pay.

At the end of the forum, and in subsequent emails and feedback, the majority of participants declared that the forum had met their needs and been a great success, with many adding that they were looking forward to coming again next year. I share their views, and can’t wait to join them!

Check for yourself! And join us next year for the 7th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum, scheduled on October 3-4, 2017.  Hope to see you then again in Montreux.

 P1190219  P1190050  P1180617  P1180225
 P1180176  P1180607  P1180066  P1180572
 P1180226  P1180159  P1180175  P1180411
 P1180280  P1180038  Room  P1180430

The outcome of the EPP Life Sciences Executive Briefing 2016 prior to the 6th EPP Life Sciences Pricing forum in 2016
To define the topics of each upcoming EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum, the European Pricing forum invites top pricing experts to discuss the matters.  Read the summary of the presentations and our conclusions from the Executive Briefing – organised in February 2016. In this published document from Neil Grubert, Prof. Smith (Bocconi and Hertfordshire University) and Florian Turk (GSK).  These conclusions will form the basis for keynotes, breakout sessions, discussion and debate during the 6th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum.
 Key Lessons_COVER

9 reasons why you should attend the coming  EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum in 2017

  1. Forum agenda topics fine-tuned with key industry  influencers. Meet the Life Sciences steering committee.
  2. Get an exclusive first look at new research and survey data
  3. Interactive workshops with pharma/generics and medtech/biotechnology tracks
  4. Discuss, learn and challenge both strategic and tactical topics
  5. Learn from reflection on your own business reality and discover creative solutions to your challenges
  6. Face-to-face conversations with top industry experts and your pricing peers during the innovative and interactive forum formats
  7. Learn how to eliminate risk and enhance revenue growth
  8. Be a part of business critical conversations, taking your industry forward.
  9. Over 900 minutes of networking opportunities, including a free dinner and evening activity, offered by Highpoint Solutions

Who should be attending?

Every year again 100+ attendees gather to discuss and reflect on the latest pricing and market access trends, learn about best business practices and meet world’s best experts in pricing and profit optimisation. The EPP Life Science s Pricing Forum brings together leading practitioners and experts to discuss, reflect, network and share. The forum is tailored for value, know-how and a unique opportunity for key stakeholdes such as CFO/commercial controller/Pricing and market access leads and VPs /Commercial /Sales Ops /Marketing/CIOs/commercial IT

More info contact britt.dejager@pricingplatform.eu or call +32/473.71.76.

This is an event you must attend!


    With more than 1000 minutes of network opportunity, you have plenty of time to connect with pricing colleagues from all over Europe.


    We stimulate an atmosphere of discussion and interaction, the best way to learn.


    A carefully selected speaking team of top pricing professionals, all active within your industry. No general talk, but only to-the point and useful presentations.


    Reflect on your key priorities and how to make it really happen !  Translate your key learnings into real change.


As we are currently building the 2017 agenda for the EPP Life Sciences Pricing forum, please have a look at the agenda of 2016 as a reference.

The spotlight was turned on all the major pricing and profit optimisation issues that global organisations in Life Sciences are faced with right now.

This Forum focused on the industry’s need to optimise price, profit and revenue lifecycle processes.

Strategy and commercial outlook 
A constant theme in the commercial environment is one of pricing pressure from payers. The conference will start with a look at how to defend and pushback against the challenges of the constant and increasing pressure of challenging healthcare budgets.

Planning for profit optimisation
A review of how to plan for optimal pricing and fair profits in an increasingly difficult environment.

Day two focused on the execution of pricing strategies in the increased challenges of the pricing world by focusing on everything from measuring to implementation.

19 Sep
Tender Management Excellence Alan_Crowther Alan Crowther - Alliance Life Sciences

Best-in-class analyses in your tender toolkit
Balance support in local and global needs.
Plan for the market!

19 Sep
09:00 - 17:00
Myths and realities on International Price Referencing – How, when and what? Christian_Schuler Christian Schuler - Simon-Kucher & Partners

The fundamentals of IPR
With selected case studies
IPR and the Brexit

September 20th 2016
8:30 - 9:00 Registration Alliance square Euroteken

Time to get your registration badge and a good cup of coffee

9:00 - 9:15 Michael_Herepath The opening energizer from our moderator Michael Herepath - Managing Director - Optimal Access Life Science Consulting
09:15 - 10:00 Keynote session Ed_Schoonveld ZS_associates_logo Shaping the Pricing Environment in the Life Sciences Industry Ed Schoonveld - Managing Principal, Market Access & Pricing - ZS Associates


  • Public pressures on drug companies
  • Impact of US market changes
  • Payer reactions to increasing number of high cost innovations
  • Implications for industry
  • How do we change the discussion: Some specific recommendations
10:00 - 10:30 Debate and panel discussion DSC_7604 Euroteken Healthcare companies under (pricing) pressure

Following our first keynote, we will have an animated panel discussion with the participation of all concerned parties: practitioners, payers and patients. You’ll certainly find some answers and insights here.

10:30 - 10:45 Coffee Break Female hands holding black tablet pc and cup of coffee closeup. Mobile computer with touch screen working as book. Popular gadget, modern lifestyle, business life, morning coffee concept Euroteken A chance to network - And enjoy a good cup of coffee
10:45 - 11:30 Keynote session neil_grubert Euroteken Challenges of Life Sciences Pricing in Emerging Markets Neil Grubert - Global Market Access Consultant - Panoramax

Challenges of Life Sciences Pricing in Emerging Markets

11:30 - 12:30 Breakout session Pharma&Generics Track Carina_Schey Real World Evidence in Pricing Carina Schey - Guest Researcher - University of Groningen
  • Before pricing
    • Ensuring essentials for meeting EMA and joint HTA standard
    • Having the right data for economic modelling and pricing
  • Snapshot overview of current pricing and reimbursement landscape in EU
  • Pricing challenges
  • Case study
  • Open debate

Breakout Session Medtech Track BEL-Logo-Simple-140 TEFEN-Logo-small Strategic Pricing George Boretos & Paolo Correale - BEL & Tefen Consulting

• Price setting, Management and Optimization

  • Create and update pricing guidelines for the overall product portfolio and across multiple geographies
  • Manage the process complexity and allow for accurate control of price changes

• Predictive Analytics

  • Implementation of forecasting algorithms based on real deal data, competitive intelligence, etc. to determine automated price suggestions and predict most probable revenue impact
  • Advanced forecasting algorithms to predict potential revenue / profitability impact, deal winning probability and even suggest most appropriate price offer

• Strategy Execution

  • Technological platform integrated with sales force tools (i.e. iPad) to enable real-time deal/rebate configuration and quote development
  • Structured negotiation strategies and process to drive effective deal approval


12:30 - 13:30 Lunch break time_for_lunch The chance to meet with your peers - And enjoy a healthy lunch!
13:30 - 14:30 Breakout session Pharma&Generics track Alexandra Staufer Photo Mundipharma_logo A presentation on Innovative pricing agreement types across the EU5 Alexandra Staufer - Head of Strategic Pricing - Mundipharma

A presentation on variations in stakeholder preferences between innovative pricing agreement types across the EU5

  • Payer insights on resonance and ability to implement innovative agreements with different payer stakeholders in EU5
  • What does the current spectrum of innovative pricing approaches used by payers today look like and how has the situation evolved
  • Are payers willing to consider novel pricing approaches and does this vary by product, therapy area or Payer type
  • What are the drivers and restraints to adoption of innovative pricing agreements?

Note: the presentation is from 13:30 – 14:15.


Breakout Session Medtech track Gerald_Schnell Logo Simon & Kucher Pricing 2.0 – How to maximize value extraction in a constraint environment Gerald Schnell - Partner - Simon-Kucher & Partners
  • Gaining competitive advantages through innovative contracting
  • Charging for services through smart pricing
  • Bringing economic value into the price negotiations
14:30 - 15:30 Breakout Session Pharma&Generics Track patrick_palluel Sanofi-Pasteur-MSD-logo Designing Pressure-Proof In-Line Price Guidelines Patrick Palluel - Head of Pricing and Tender Strategy - Sanofi Pasteur MSD
  • Consideration when building Pricing Strategy and guidelines
  • What to include and who to involve to ensure integrated Pricing Strategy?
  • Governance system and Pricing Policy process: flexibility to ensure implementation optimization is key
  • A choice for internal pricing tools, pros & cons

Breakout session Medical Devices&Diagnostics Track Ian_Tidswell een_consulting Price guidance during negotiations: getting the impact Ian Tidswell - Independant Consultant - Een Consulting

Price guidance during negotiations: getting the impact

Getting the value out of price guidance for your negotiators requires three things to be true: the guidance is appropriate, that influences negotiations, and that adapts to changing market conditions.  During this presentation we’ll review all three steps, including the role of pricing systems to support these processes.



15:30 - 15:45 Coffee Break Female hands holding black tablet pc and cup of coffee closeup. Mobile computer with touch screen working as book. Popular gadget, modern lifestyle, business life, morning coffee concept Euroteken A chance to network! - And enjoy a good cup of coffee.
15:45 - 16:30 Keynote session Benoit_Miry Ipsen_logo2 Building strong analytics to achieve the power of pricing: myth or reality? Benoît Miry - Global Pricing Manager - Ipsen

In an interactive session, we will brainstorm around the analytic tools we are using / should use or not to optimise our pricing strategies.

  • International Reference Pricing, Launch Sequence Optimisation: still a gold standard?
  • Managed entry agreements / advanced contracting modelling: the right way to address an outcomes-based world?
  • Predictive analytics, real opportunities?
16:30 -17:15 Keynote session Alan_Crowther3 Alliance square Strategies and Tactics for Managing Loss of Exclusivity Alan Crowther - CEO - Alliance Life Sciences

Loss of exclusivity puts significant pressure on the pricing of a product; however, there are a variety of strategic and tactical moves to manage the price pressure impacts of dealing with loss of exclusivity.

  • What are the impacts of loss-of-exclusivity
  • What strategies are firms using to extend portfolio life?
  • What are tactical moves that can help minimize the impact of price pressures?
17:15 - 17:30 Michael_Herepath DSC_7672 Wrap up of the day Michael Herepath

Closing remarks from the moderator and your invitation to join us for the evening activity!

18:00 - 23:00 Evening networking activity TdC_Lne2_320x320 TdC_Lne1_320x320 At the heart of the heritage

European Pricing Platform and Highpoint Solutions are happy to invite you to this spectacular evening activity: a gourmet cruise on the Geneva Lake.

Take the opportunity to enjoy a delicious menu while discovering the landscapes of Lake Geneva. An unique perspective on : the Lavaux vineyards – UNESCO World Heritage and the Chillon Castle. The subtle combination of an escape to the lake and a fine dining experience.

September 21st 2016
8:30 - 9:00 Good morning coffee Female hands holding black tablet pc and cup of coffee closeup. Mobile computer with touch screen working as book. Popular gadget, modern lifestyle, business life, morning coffee concept Euroteken Enjoy a good cup of coffee
9:00 - 9:15 Opening energizer Michael_Herepath Recap of day 1 with our moderator Michael Herepath - Optimal Access Life Science Consultancy
09:15 - 10:00 Keynote session Andras_Incze Akceso_Advisors Patient Centricity, Payer Negotiations and Price Management András Incze - Founder - Akceso Advisors AG
  • Patient Centricity in access to and pricing of pharmaceuticals is emerging as a must
  • Payors across Europe additionally demand risk sharing with Pharma to be able to manage the exploding healthcare budget
  • Managed Entry Agreements – MEAs – increasingly offer an opportunity to Pharma to ensure access with coverage to their therapies while managing the price corridor
  • Efficient negotiations with good MEA’s can be a win-win for payors, patients and Pharma
10:00 - 10:30 Debate and panel discussion Wolfram_Hanno Euroteken Price Negotiations with Authorities – from a payer perspective

How are price negotiations with authorities evolving? A payer’s view on price negotiations, with a view to how it should impact the approach that pharmaceutical companies should take to pricing.

10:30 - 10:45 Coffee Break Female hands holding black tablet pc and cup of coffee closeup. Mobile computer with touch screen working as book. Popular gadget, modern lifestyle, business life, morning coffee concept Euroteken A chance to network - And enjoy a good cup of coffee
10:45 - 11:45 Breakout Session Pharma&Generics Track Enkhjavkhlan_Tsogtbaatar Euroteken Building & Using Drug Price Indices to Measure Negotiation Effectiveness Enkhjavkhlan Tsogtbaatar - MBA Candidate at The Wharton School - University of Pennsylvania
  • How to build drug price indices?
  • Types of drug price indices
  • Why pricing managers need drug price indices?
  • Use of pricing indices in measuring negotiation effectiveness
  • Shortcomings of future use of drug price indices


Breakout session Medtech&Diagnostic track BD_logo Richard_Fergusson The evolving role of the Strategic Pricing function in Medtech – from understanding to capturing value through tendering Richard Fergusson - Director Strategic Pricing - BD

The evolving role of the Strategic Pricing function in Medtech – from understanding to capturing value through tendering

  • Over recent years, the strategic pricing function has slowly but steadily become a recognized feature in many med tech companies, with a focus on understanding the value that products and solutions can deliver to our customers, defining the market positioning of the products and issuing guidance on how to price effectively.
  • With a shift in the purchasing landscape, introduction of new policy and developments in technology, it is key that the pricing function expands its focus to support the execution of deals in order to capture and optimize returns for the company.
  • Eur Directive 2014/24/EU presents significant opportunity for the industry if addressed correctly
  • Advances in IT platforms to support E2E tender management should force this topic onto the Strategic Pricing agenda


11:45 - 12:30 Keynote session Manish_Sharma Ruven_Eulen Addressing the Global and Local needs of Effective Tendering Ruven Eul | Manager of the European Life Sciences & Manish Sharma | Senior Manager, Contracts&Pricing, Global Revenue Management Lead - Highpoint Solutions & Shire

Insights through Practical Experience and Benchmarks from the Industry

The ability to strategically and operationally address tendering in global markets continues to be of critical importance given increasing competitive factors in the industry.

Ruven Eul from HighPoint Solutions and Manish Sharma from Shire

will present their own experience addressing effectively the needs within tendering at both the local and global level. Our presenters will share insights and benchmarks gathered and studied from the pharmaceutical and medical device industry as part of this session.


12:30 - 13:15 Time for lunch time_for_lunch Euroteken A chance to meet with your peers - And enjoy a healthy lunch
13:15 - 14:00 Keynote session gustavo photo 2 Otsuka logo How to price innovation? Gustavo Saraiva dos Anjos - Head of Strategic Pricing and Access Intelligence - Otsuka Europe
  • Develop services that improve outcomes and efficiency (risk profiling to predict crisis risk, improve clinical decisions and focus resourcing)
  • Add service that enhances patient outcome beyond clinical trials – how to price technologies which improve adherence and clinical decision making
  • Early price input on clinical trial to focus on those patients that achieve greater benefit
14:00 - 15:00 Breakout Session Pharma&Generics Track Christian_Schuler Logo Simon & Kucher (1) Pricing and Reimbursement for curative therapies/gene-therapies Christian Schuler - Partner Life Sciences - Simon-Kucher & Partners

P&R for curative therapies/gene-therapies

  • Cure as a paradigm shift in medicine
  • Challenges of pricing a cure
  • How to monetize a cure
  • Innovative contracting for new therapies
  • Unique payment models for a cure


Breakout session Medtech&Diagnostic track Philips_Healthcare Raj_Kanapathy Value communication – a sales tool to get better prices Raj Kanapathy - Senior Pricing Manager - Philips Healthcare
  • Once you complete segmenting your customers and understand the value your solutions create for each segment.
  • After you quantify the created value and
  • finally create pricing based on customer value created.

Your sales team still have to sell at the price you set. Do they understand how this price reflects the value created? Are they able to communicate this value and justify the price to customers? Value calculators are an invaluable tool to achieve this end.

15:00 - 15:45 Keynote closing session Kai-Markus-Mueller-2866 CUT (002) NeuromarketingLabsLOGO with white frame Realize the feel-good price Kai-Markus Mueller - CEO - The Neuromarketing Labs
  • Profiting from the malleability of price perception
  • How to benefit from a correct prediction of willingness-to-pay
  • The relationship between quality and price
  • Industry cases: How NeuroPricing® has optimized pricing strategies, price setting, and negotiations
15:45 - 16:00 Closing sesssion Michael_Herepath Euroteken Wrap up by the moderator Michael Herepath

The moderator – together with EPP – sums up the key take-aways from the last 2 days.

Contact Forum Producer

Britt Dejager


This is our speaker line-up of the 2016 edition of the EPP Life Sciences Pricing forum. If you would be interested to share your expertise or discuss with focus groups about your industry challenges for next year's edition,, please send your contact details and session suggestions to britt.dejager@pricingplatform.eu.


Alan Crowther (USA)

CEO Alliance Life Sciences

About Alan

Alan Crowther, CEO for Alliance Life Sciences, is an industry recognized authority on global pricing and revenue management. With 20 years of consulting and technology experience in the Life Sciences industry, Alan’s leadership is focused on continually innovating to solve business challenges.



Michael Herepath (United Kingdom)

Managing Director Optimal Access Life Science Consulting Ltd.

About Michael

Because there’s no substitute for experience!  Qualified as a clinical pharmacist and with pharma, consultancy, payer and clinical pharmacy experience in all key therapy areas, he has worked with a large range of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as the leading medical technology companies.
He’s our man who sets the context, drives the discussion, engages you in a lively discussion, enables you to feel comfortable and involved and synthesizes what you have heard.


Ruven Eul (Germany)

Manager of the European Life Sciences Highpoint Solutions

About Ruven

Ruven is a Manager of the European Life Sciences at HighPoint Solutions based out of Zug, Switzerland. Ruven has worked for around 8 years in Germany for much of his career at companies such as Pfizer and BMS in local, regional and global roles. Ruven comes from a deep background in the areas of Commercial Excellence with strong domain experience in CRM, Commercial Analytics, and Tendering working with industry leading products such as Veeva. Ruven has been involved in rollouts of Veeva as a Deployment Lead for multiple countries and as a Subject Matter Expert for Tender Management projects within Europe.




Julie Spiesser (France)

Associate Vice President Global Strategic Pricing Sanofi

About Julie

Julie Spiesser is a Health Economist specialized in Market Access and Pricing. She has been working for the Pharma industry since 15 years. She started her carreer at Sanofi R&D working in Psychiatry and Cardiovascular area. She joined the Sanofi European team as Senior Market access Manager and took later on the position of European Outcomes Research Director at Pfizer for anti-infective Disease Area. And since 2010 she is heading the Global Strategic Pricing team of Sanofi.


Tsveta Milanova (USA)

VP Corporate Pricing & Market Access Celgene

About Tsveta

Tsveta Milanova works at Celgene EMEA for six years now, most recently as VP Corporate, Pricing and Market Access. She has led numerous workshops with leading industry experts and also developed market access strategies for pre-launch products and new indications.

Photo Daniel Cho

Daniel Cho (Germany)

Director Marketing, Global Pricing & Competitive Portfolio Analytics - Patient Care and Monitoring Solutions Philips Healthcare

About Daniel

Daniel Cho is currently the Director of Global Pricing for Patient Care and Monitoring Systems, a 3B Euro Business Group under Philips Healthcare. He heads a team of Pricing Managers to use Pricing as a tool to maximise the profitability of PCMS by better manage the Creation, Capturing and Maintenance of the values PCMS can deliver to their end customers.


Sara Aswegan (Switzerland)

Vice President, PSTL & Head New Products, GI BU Shire

About Sara

Sara leads the Product Strategy Teams for the MPS II Business in the Rare Disease Business Unit. Her team supports the second largest revenue contributor for Shire with ELAPRASE, as well as plans for commercial success with the development products for Hunter CNS. She works cross functionally within the organization to ensure global success for these important areas, including working closely with the global and regional teams, the franchise and commercial leadership teams.


Adam Plich (The Netherlands)

VP, Head of Pricing & Market Access Europe TEVA Pharmaceutical Europe

About Adam

Adam has been working with Teva since 2012 as Head of Pricing and Market Access, first based in London now in Amsterdam.  Teva Pharmaceutical is the world’s largest generic medicines producer, leveraging its portfolio of more than 1,000 molecules to produce a wide range of generic products in nearly every therapeutic area. In specialty medicines, Teva has a world-leading position in innovative treatments for disorders of the central nervous system, including pain, as well as a strong portfolio of respiratory products.


Finn Ziegler (Denmark)

Director, Global Patient Access LEO Pharma

About Finn

Finn has recently joined LEO Pharma, after having worked for 6 years as International Contracts and Pricing Manager with Amgen, responsable for pricing and contract strategy and implementation.

His specialties lie in the domain of pricing research & strategies, health economics, public procurement and reimbursement of pharmaceuticals, public policy & affairs, think tanks, parallel trade and reference pricing in the pharmaceutical industry

Bertrand Tardivel

Bertrand Tardivel (Switzerland)

Head of Global Pricing Takeda Pharmaceuticals International

About Bertrand

Bertrand joined Takeda in August 2013 as Head of Global Pricing. Moving from controller to consultant and business development manager for different companies, he has built a broad experience in the pharmaceutical sector. With Takeda he joined a company that for more than 230 years has been serving society with innovative medicines, helping patients reclaim valuable moments of life from illness.

gustavo photo 2

Gustavo Saraiva (UK)

Head of Pricing and Access Intelligence Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Europe

About Gustavo

Gustavo is the head of the Pricing and Access Intelligence at Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Europe, where he is in charge of developing the pricing strategies for the entire product portfolio as well as providing business intelligence insights to the global organisation. His previous years indicate his wealth and expertise in the finance industry before transitioning into Pricing and Market Access. Prior to joining Otsuka he worked with LEO Pharma for three years as a Global Pricing Manager where he had to manage both strategic and operational pricing at a global and local level. Gustavo graduated in Business administration and has a Masters degree in Finance from NOVA School of Business and Economics in Lisbon – Portugal. He also holds an MBA from Universidade Federal Fluminense in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.


“A conference really dedicated to Pricing”

Clotilde Noble, at Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Excellent conference with very interesting topics and excellent speakers. I attempted this conference two times and I would like to participate to the next one.

‘I enjoyed the opportunity to meet, listen to and network with pricing professionals.’

Raj Kanapathy, at Siemens Healthcare

I enjoyed the opportunity to meet, listen to and network with pricing professionals in the Life Science industry and would definitely recommend the experience to other pricing professionals.

“It’s much more lively and interactive!”

Madalina Preda, European Pricing Supervisor at Corning BV

It is much more lively and focussed on burning issues in the Life Science markets.

Meet pricing decision makers from:


> Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic –  Be quick, a limited number of rooms available at EPP preferred rates!

This majestic 4 star hotel was originally built during the Belle Epoque in 1870 and entirely renovated in 2010. The hotel is just on the lakefront and so you get a phenomenal view of the lake, the promenade, the gardens and of course the snow capped mountains. The train station of Montreux is just opposite the Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic and there is easy access by car as well. A few steps away you can find the steamboat landing stage, the congress centre and the shopping area. Take a look at this inspiring hotel!

Isn’t this the ideal location for an inspiring pricing event?

Please note that we have a limited number of rooms at preferred rates at our disposal!  So if you want to benefit from the preferred EPP  rates for your overnight stay at this great hotel, contact Britt Dejager on britt.dejager@pricingplatform.eu to book now!

Avenue des Alpes 45, 1820 Montreux, Zwitserland
+41 21 966 33 33              www.suisse-majestic.com

The easiest way to get to Montreux is to take the train from Geneva Airport direct to Montreux.

CHF 35.-/ 2nd class and CHF 62.-/ 1st class

There is a direct train every 20 minutes (http://www.sbb.ch/en/timetable.html )
The hotel is straight across the train station. A taxi will be about CHF 350.-

Photo Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic

Snow capped mountains…

Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic5

…with a great view to the lake…

Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic3

…all comfort in the Belle Epoque…

Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic2

Meet, learn and discuss…

Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic4

…in an inspiring environment.

 Detailed time schedule for the evening programme

  • 17:50h Departure of the bus in front of the Suisse Majestic
  • 18:30h Arrival in Lausanne Ouchy and walk to the boat pier
  • 18:45h Departure of the boat and boat tour during 2 hours
  • 21:00h Arrival of the boat and walk along the promenade in Ouchy
  • 21:45h (approximately) Return Transfer to Hotel
  • 22:15 Arrival in Montreux in front of the Suisse Majestic












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