EPP Pricing Events
by Mia Pappijn

Announcing 2 unique pre-forum workshops prior to the EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum in Montreux!

On September19, 2016 EPP and Alliance Life Sciences organise two unique pre-forum workshops on Tender Management and International Price Referencing.


tender_management_2Tender Management Excellence

Tender Management within the Life Sciences industry is an ever growing topic that involves decision makers from many company areas, from operations to IT to management. This workshop will take a deep dive into the world of tender management from how to begin your tender management strategies through to how to evaluate your tender management processes and outcomes. Get answers to your toughest tender management questions.

What’s on the agenda of this workshop? You’ll learn how to plan for the market and plan the pricing guidelines. How to think about tender pricing at time of bid? What best-in-class analyses should be in your tender analysis toolkit? How to deal with the bid, win or lose? And of course, we’ll give you some insights on how to balance the support for tenders between local and global needs.

Are you responsable for the tender management process or performance in your company, then you mus certainly attend.

Please submit any question you’ld like to see addressed to EPPsteeringcommitte@alscg.com


IRP_modelStrategies for Success with International Reference Pricing

International Reference Pricing is growing in importance — one wrong move can leave hundreds of thousands and even millions of Euros on the table. But the rules can be so complex, how can you ensure proper pricing strategies and management in order to maximize your revenue potential? And how do you stay ahead of the curve on what’s coming down the road with IRP rules?

What’s on the agenda of this workshop? You’ll learn about the fundamentals and future developments and how to mitigate the challenges of IRP. How to tackle the threat of parallel trade? And during an interactive session, we play the game ‘the IRP and parallel trade’. And we do a live session on the analysis of the impact of IRP.

If you’re a manager, director or VP of Global Pricing, then this workshop could well be for you.

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