Crossing the Pricing Chasm

Posted on 07 Mar 2017 by Mia Pappijn

Crossing the Pricing Chasm

A guide to pricing maturity development

Beyond the low hanging fruit…

At first, pricing practitioners’ most important challenge often is to demonstrate the impact of pricing on margin improvement to top management.

The quick and dirty way to get their attention is by means of picking the “low-hanging fruit”. Those offer a fast return on investment, and show immediate margin impact. The three most delivered margin improvement projects focus on:

  • Improving price setting of new products
  • Achieving overall margin improvement
  • Realizing cross-national (European) price harmonization

However, the low-hanging fruit is just that: easy to pick … We can’t stop there. The most juicy, rewarding fruits are the ones on the higher branches with the most exposure to sunlight. By paying attention to these premium quality fruits, the best pricing professionals build and maintain superior pricing practices.

So it’s harvesting time: the EPP Pricing Maturity Model helps you set the right priorities and lead the organizational change towards full profit optimization.

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