EPP Pricing Events
by Mia Pappijn

Did you miss the first edition of the EPP Profit Leaders Summit in Stockholm?

The first edition of the EPP Profit Leaders Summit: a treasure of priceless ideas and insights

Reflections and feedback from pricing partners and participants brought the European Pricing Platform to take action and organizing this new, unique initiative.

A high level summit about new pricing concepts, new insights, thought leadership, about developments which are now appearing in some sectors and are expected to be appearing in more sectors. As a result, thought leadership and debate needs to cross over all industries. That is why the European Pricing Platform brought them together in Stockholm. As new research findings and new monetization plans are key for the future of the pricing practice, we need to stay one step ahead.  Read our report.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Post Summit Report 2016_COVER





We are still busy building the agenda for this year’s EPP Profit Leaders Summit in 2017.  Want to be kept informed?

Send a mail to els.landuyt@pricingplatform.eu and she’ll keep you updated. Or click here!