October 19-20-21, 2021 - Munich

10th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum

10th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum

Innovative pricing strategies in volatile global economy for medtech, pharma and biotech industries

The must-do pricing conference

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Stay connected, agile and proactive with world’s leading pricing leaders in pharma, biotech and medtech. 

Featuring global trends, agile pricing measures and internal collaboration while putting patients at the forefront of our strategies. 

The world has seen the major perturbations in 2020 that are affecting all sides and forms of business, healthcare specially. Political, social and economical events are shaping up a new reality for everyone: COVID-19 outbreak, oil industry negotiations and world economic upheaval, Brexit, US and Russian elections, changes in HTA, New Medical Device Regulations just to name a few..

We will look at it from 4 perspectives: 

  1. Global perspective: how global factors will change the pricing and market access landscape – and how it could impact the redesign of pricing, reimbursement and procurement.  
  2. Market perspective: which innovative agreements and pricing strategies work already and how to demonstrate cost-effectiveness for the reimbursements in value-based contracts.
  3. Buyer’s perspective: payer-centricity, acquisition and retention through correct pricing strategies, demonstrating value through services, direct-to-customer pricing – is it a reality? 
  4. Corporate perspective: how to enhance the role of the pricing team to accelerate time-to-market, how to achieve pricing excellence in these turbulent times and how to maximise value of your product by effective internal intelligence, data-driven tools and more.

The EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum is an exclusive thought leadership conference for 

  • Global pricing and market access executives,
  • Directors of global pricing and pricing process excellence, 
  • Commercial excellence, pricing, reimbursement and tender specialists, market access managers,
  • Marketing and sales directors of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Biotech companies

This 3-day  forum will provide the most interactive and pioneering discussions in the form of workshops, expert presentations, panel sessions, roundtable discussions, and great networking activities. You will be able to discuss pricing and market access challenges, stakeholder relationships discover innovative tools and solutions for the ecosystem.

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October 19th 2021

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October 20th 2021

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SESSION 1 – Accelerating patient access through next-gen pricing and collaboration


Welcome by EPP President

Pol Vanaerde - Founder/President - EPP

  • Analysing the outcomes of greater Net Price Transparency for innovative medicines in Europe. What outcomes can be highlighted from the implementation of the Pricing and Reimbursement Decree in Italy?
  • Exploring how cross-border collaboration on HTA and pricing can boost market access to new medicines
  • To which extent is an open and early dialogue with HTAs needed to achieve a timely market access?
  • Assessing the long-term effect of the EU Pharmaceutical Strategy for increased price transparency and accessibility
  • Understanding why Pricing & Market Access teams should establish early collaboration with payers to model and negotiate the most efficient contracting solutions
  • Debating why optimising the organization and operations of the Pricing & Market Access function must be a priority for Life Sciences companies navigating a challenging payer environment
  • In which ways can P&MA and Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) professionals cooperate in order to maximise early access to new drugs?
  • Bridging the digital skills gap in Life Sciences: from resistance to change to talent attraction

Market Perspective: Insights in Life Science and Healthcare market post COVID-19

  • Medical Device Regulation: What has been achieved during the first five months of application?
  • How are regulatory, technology, and marketplace trends converging to create new opportunities for manufacturers?
  • Developing innovative pricing strategies in a highly competitive market by leveraging product value in a customer-centric approach
  • Value-Based Procurement in MedTech – a tangible, cost-effective reality?
  • Overcoming barriers to develop a successful reimbursement strategy
  • Boosting innovation by preventing a late start of market access assessment and a lack of evidence requirements
  • To which extent will a mature and refreshed framework be paramount to tackle price settings and reimbursements as ATMPs enter the market more often?
  • How are national public health systems working to achieve affordable reimbursement of cell gene therapies?
  • How can ATMPs clinical assessments coordinate at the EU level, while adapting HTA, pricing and reimbursement processes to capture and value long-term benefits and risks?
  • Improving patient access and reimbursement schemes by tackling barriers such as uncertainty in patient volume, high costs, and new delivery models

Orphan Drug Pricing and Reimbursement: tackling the challenges to Patient Access

  • How will the regulatory and market access environment for orphan drugs impact pricing and reimbursement in the next years? Assessing the new proposals from the EC for Orphan drug incentives and rewards
  • Addressing the continuing changing landscape in creating value beyond price for rare disease products
  • Analysing effective and realistic solutions to balance accessible price of medicines for rare diseases and effective incentivisation of their developers

Centralised vs. Decentralised Pricing Strategy: balancing responsiveness and alignment through constant change

  • Volatility: Fluctuation of competitor offerings, price changes
  • Uncertainty: Impact of of local and macro variables to KPIs
  • Complexity: Multichannel supply chain, bundled offerings
  • Ambiguity: Influencing decision makers, lifetime customer value

October 20th 2021

Buyer/Payer Perspective: The intricate balance between company's ROI and medicine cost for society

  • How to reduce cost for society and increase market access for pharma and medical technology
  • Personalisation of product and services and effect on pricing
  • Customer-centricity in the market access strategies
  • Direct-to-consumer market access strategies and pricing (examples: medical devices Candid, Hubble, Keeps)
  • Creating a shared value with your customer
  • How selling solutions, not products affect pricing strategies
  • Selling to Pharmacies: OTC pricing (Panel with Boots, Walgreen, Multipharma, CVS, Amazon?)

Corporate Perspective: Achieving pricing excellence by executing a solid Corporate Pricing Practice

  • The role of the pricing team in accelerating time-to-market
  • How to pitch the economic value proposition and discuss economic evidence requirements
  • Including pricing / margin indicators in the Sales Force incentive schemes
  • Maximising value of your product by effective internal processes and data collection
  • Developing competitive pricing intelligence is inside your own organisation
  • Do we have the right training capabilities in house to secure pricing and reimbursement?

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"“This is a great conference which covers most pricing topics with a decent amount of detail. Anyone can benefit from this conference no matter how experienced”"

Sue Caleo-Naeyaert, Global Head Pricing, Market Access and Policy Biosimilars at Fresenius-Kabi SwissBioSim

"The EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum is a unique event for learning about the latest pricing challenges and techniques to address them, due to the deep experiences and skills of the participants and speakers"

Ian Tidswell, Founder and Lead Consultant at een Consulting GmbH

"“Exciting & energetic meeting where it is possible to learn, share & discuss best practices and new ideas on hot topics regarding pricing & tendering” "

Giuseppe Monita , Senior Manager, Customer Services Contracts & Tendering EMEA at BTG

"“A good event for catching up, great networking and opportunity to share current thinking and best practice” "

David Alderson, Director at Cogentia Healthcare Consulting

"“In my experience, EPP Life Sciences Forum is the only existing opportunity to discuss at 360 degrees about pricing, involving both pharmaceutical and med tech stakeholders”"

Chiara Garavaglia, Partner, Global Leader of Tefen Life Sciences Centre of Excellence & Innovation at Tefen Management Consulting

"“A highly recommended forum for pricing professionals”"

Henderson Azevedo, Global Pricing Oncology at Bayer


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Outcome-based pricing initiatives in the healthcare industry

A distorted reimbursement model has driven healthcare costs ever higher, and elevated healthcare spend to the top budget item for many governments across the globe. But several major industry players have begun to experiment with outcome-based pricing models as an innovative approach to align reimbursements more closely with positive outcomes, while simultaneously bringing greater stability and predictability to pricing in the life science industry.

This paper evaluates the current state of reimbursement models, the adjustments that need to be considered, and methods for reform while offering practical alternatives for both outcome-based pricing and payment methods for all stakeholders in the value chain.

The Evolving Landscape of biosimilars and its impact on the public procurement and tendering environment

Highpoint, an IQVIA company, has conducted various analysis to assess the impact of tenders for biosimilars and observed recent market trends as well as manufacturer behaviors to capture the subtle changes. Our findings translate into a comprehensive view on how companies could improve their bidding and tender strategy to succeed in this space. lastly, we provide our outlook on this topic emphasizing the importance for all stakeholders to find the right balance between cost containment for payers and sustainability for manufacturers to ensure that ultimately, patients and physicians will have multiple treatment options available.

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