October 19-20-21, 2021 - Munich

10th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum

10th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum

Embracing pricing innovation and digitisation in a complex global market

The must-do pricing conference

100+ Attendees
30+ Speakers
98% Attendee satisfaction
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After a turbulent 2020, followed by a hopeful beginning of this year, the EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum reaches the landmark tenth anniversary with a celebratory 3-day face-to-face conference packed with outstanding speakers eager to share with you all the key trends, forecasts and best practice in pricing, reimbursement, market access and tendering across the Pharmaceutical, MedTech and Biotech industries.

Under the overarching theme Embracing pricing innovation and digitisation in a complex global market, we are devoting this best-in-class conference (with Pharma and MedTech dedicated tracks besides the plenary) to the main issues, challenges and trends impacting the pricing, revenue, reimbursement and market access professionals in the Life Sciences industry.

Key Programme Sessions:

  1. Accelerating patient access through next-gen pricing and collaboration
  2. Innovative pricing and contracting models for a new patient-centric era
  3. Building a successful Digital Transformation roadmap to optimise pricing strategies in Life Sciences
  4. Navigating a shifting global Life Sciences landscape

With over 150+ senior pricing and revenue decision makers in attendance, this is the premier event of its kind.

The EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum is an exclusive thought leadership conference for

  • Global pricing and market access executives,
  • Directors of global pricing and pricing process excellence,
  • Commercial excellence, pricing, reimbursement and tender specialists, market access managers,
  • Marketing and sales directors of Pharmaceuticals, MedTech and Biotech companies

This 3-day forum will provide the most interactive and pioneering discussions in the form of workshops, expert presentations, panel sessions, roundtable discussions, and great networking activities. You will be able to discuss pricing and market access challenges, stakeholder relationships discover innovative tools and solutions for the ecosystem.

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October 19th 2021

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October 20th 2021

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SESSION 1 – Accelerating patient access through next-gen pricing and collaboration


Welcome by EPP President

Pol Vanaerde - Founder/President - EPP

  • Analysing the outcomes of greater Net Price Transparency for innovative medicines in Europe. What outcomes can be highlighted from the implementation of the Pricing and Reimbursement Decree in Italy?
  • Exploring how cross-border collaboration on HTA and pricing can boost market access to new medicines
  • To which extent is an open and early dialogue with HTAs needed to achieve a timely market access?
  • Assessing the long-term effect of the EU Pharmaceutical Strategy for increased price transparency and accessibility
  • Understanding why Pricing & Market Access teams should establish early collaboration with payers to model and negotiate the most efficient contracting solutions
  • Debating why optimising the organization and operations of the Pricing & Market Access function must be a priority for Life Sciences companies navigating a challenging payer environment
  • In which ways can P&MA and Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) professionals cooperate in order to maximise early access to new drugs?
  • Bridging the digital skills gap in Life Sciences: from resistance to change to talent attraction


  • George Boretos, Founder and CMO, Cube RM
  • Fabrizio Gianfrate, Professor of Health Economics, University of Ferrara and Rome

MedTech market access: adapting to a rapidly evolving environment

Eric Noehrenberg, (former) Market Access Director, Edwards Life Sciences

  • Medical Device Regulation: What has been achieved during the first five months of application?
  • How are regulatory, technology, and marketplace trends converging to create new opportunities for manufacturers?
  • Developing innovative pricing strategies in a highly competitive market by leveraging product value in a customer-centric approach
  • Value-Based Procurement in MedTech – a tangible, cost-effective reality?
  • Overcoming barriers to develop a successful reimbursement strategy

Tackling pricing pressures and patient access barriers to ATMPs

Oswald Bentinck, Vice President - Head of Market Access EMEA, Novartis Gene Therapies

  • Boosting innovation by preventing a late start of market access assessment and a lack of evidence requirements
  • To which extent will a mature and refreshed framework be paramount to tackle price settings and reimbursements as ATMPs enter the market more often?
  • How are national public health systems working to achieve affordable reimbursement of cell gene therapies?
  • How can ATMPs clinical assessments coordinate at the EU level, while adapting HTA, pricing and reimbursement processes to capture and value long-term benefits and risks?
  • Improving patient access and reimbursement schemes by tackling barriers such as uncertainty in patient volume, high costs, and new delivery models

PHARMA BREAKOUT: Market Access & Reimbursement of Gene Therapies in Germany

Axel Boehnke, Director Market Access - EU North, PTC Therapeutics

  • Recent developments and processes so far
  • Reimbursement: Contracting models and implementations
  • Data-requirements / registries – an outlook
  • Volatility: Fluctuation of competitor offerings, price changes
  • Uncertainty: Impact of of local and macro variables to KPIs
  • Complexity: Multichannel supply chain, bundled offerings
  • Ambiguity: Influencing decision makers, lifetime customer value

SESSION 2– Innovative pricing and contracting models for a new patient-centric era


Value-Based Contracting – moving forward in a challenging environment

Birgit Holz, Head of Contracting Innovation, Global Market Access, Sanofi

  • Delving into the key role of Real World Evidence (RWE) research in value-based pricing. How can RWE be leveraged to design and support new, innovative value-based contracting programmes?
  • Pursuing valid and reliable measures of value – how should value metrics be designed to avoid risks but adding truly beneficial outcomes?
  • Assessing key considerations for stakeholders. What are the main challenges and barriers to value-based agreements adoption?
  • What capabilities and technologies should be harnessed to tackle the challenging match between Value and Costs?
  • How to make reimbursable combination of biologics? To which extent doubling the cost of the therapy thus increasing the efficacy and improving the clinical outcome represents a feasible strategy?
  • Analysing the challenges in the value assessment, pricing and funding of targeted combination therapies in oncology
  • Indication-based pricing: what are the opportunities and challenges in oncology medicines? How is it actually applicable in practice?
  • How should the value of CAR T-Cell Therapy be determined? Exploring innovative pricing models and strategies to make CAR-T Therapy affordable
  • Defining the concept of fair pricing for medicines. What makes a fair price for both buyers and sellers?
  • Delving into the price transparency conundrum. Does price transparency undermine fair prices? To which extent can the transparency of prices paid, R&D costs, production costs and profit margins represent key factors to assess the fairness of medicines prices?
  • What can and should governments do to lower prices and improve patient access to innovative, costly and life-changing medicines? In which ways can industry, regulators and governments collaborate to achieve a fair and actionable pricing model?
  • Building a European model for the calculation of fair prices for medicines – a realistic approach?
  • Fair prices for vaccines – lessons learnt during the COVID-19 pandemic


Aleš Bourek, Head Centre for Healthcare Quality, Medical Faculty, Masaryk University

Neil Palmer, Principal Consultant, WN Palmer & Co

  • Overview and history of IRP
  • IRP, absence of price transparency, role of confidential agreements & patient access schemes
  • Impact of IRP on launch sequencing & patient access
  • Case Study: Canada: new basket of 11 reference countries intended to lower drug prices to OECD median
  • USA: Overview of US IRP regulatory proposals, potential for implementation in current political environment
  • Outlook and implications

MEDTECH BREAKOUT: Optimising prices by value and tracking the past performance of value-based pricing decisions

Slobodan Farago, Pricing and Sales Force Effectiveness Manager, MDS Europe

  • How to deliver the right value proposition
  • How do you ensure pricing visibility and control at the corporate level?
  • Gaining clarity on how the value of a product is assessed

PHARMA BREAKOUT: Exploring the Pricing and Market effects of Biosimilar entry

Vijay Reddy, Senior Director - Global Market Access Strategy, Biocon Biologics

  • Reviewing the dynamics of markets to increase access and availability to patients across international markets
  • Assessing the Pricing and Reimbursement pathway
  • Adopting measures to rationalise and streamline the pricing negotiation procedure for generics and biosimilars
  • Analysing the added value of customer service and digitisation. How is this shift affecting MedTech pricing strategies?
  • Exploring innovative contracting models without risk sharing, such as device-as-a-service models
  • From ownership model to access model: subscription-based pricing in MedTech
  • The role of the pricing leader within the organization
  • The importance of involving Executive Leadership
  • Growing pricing advocates
  • Driving long-term information gathering to commit to evidence-based decision making
  • Bridging the gap between the sales team and the pricing team
  • Developing an organizationally engaged and collaborative value model

October 20th 2021

SESSION 3–Building a successful Digital Transformation roadmap to optimise pricing strategies in Life Sciences

  • Lagging behind digital transformation – what main barriers need overcome to embrace the swift to digital?
  • Why a strategic approach is key to digital transformation: from the adoption and implementation of advanced technologies, to organisational changes, collaboration and supportive leadership
  • How is big data and AI technology driving market access strategy and practice? How can AI and machine learning help maximise clinical trial data, identify RWE gaps and generation of evidence to meet HTA requirements?
  • Assessing how predictive analytics can be deployed to inform pricing strategies, determine appropriate launch sequences and optimise discounts
  • Getting the right people and the right skills – pros and cons of hiring for digital transformation
  • From real-world data to real-world evidence: Leveraging Big Data to boost market access of innovative medicines
  • How can AI be utilised to generate the right pricing to respond to the market?
  • To which extent can disruptive technologies such as AI, blockchain and big data optimise drug prices and improve patient access?
  • Exploring latest developments of the DARWIN EU (Data Analytics and Real World Interrogation Network) scheme

Exploring new and innovative digital solutions in market access, pricing and evidence generation to allow patients gaining access to life saving solutions

  • How are payers in Europe embracing digital tools such as connected devices and telemedicine?
  • Exploring reimbursement models of digital health apps around Europe: examples in Germany and France.
  • eHealth Stakeholder Group: latest developments and outcomes in Europe

Discovering this new shared information system implemented within the Spanish National Health System to assess the real therapeutic value of drugs with digitisation at the forefront of the scheme.

  • Using complex analytical models to analyse patterns in raw data and predict future results
  • Modeling in price prediction: Testing and using the best model for each market behaviour
  • Evidence-based algorithms with machine learning for best price prediction results
  1. Analysing Instalment payments for Gene Therapy linked to outcomes-based agreements
  2. External Reference Pricing – Impact of ERP on launch sequencing & patient access
  3. How to show clinical value? Setting the price for gene therapies and manage the price for long-term efficacy

Facilitator: Fabrizio Gianfrate, Professor of Health Economics, University of Ferrara and Rome


  1. Approach to clinical evidence generation across the entire lifecycle of high-risk implantable Medical Devices. Are manufacturers and rest of stakeholders ready?
  2. How do you empower your commercial teams in this current post-pandemic world?
  3. Assessing the true cost of Digital Transformation in Healthcare


Facilitator: Aleš Bourek, Head Centre for Healthcare Quality, Medical Faculty, Masaryk University

SESSION 4 – Navigating a shifting global Life Sciences landscape

  • What Does a Biden Administration Mean for the Life Sciences pricing industry?
  • Analysing the current status of the ‘favored nation status’ executive orders from the Trump’s administration. How is it impacting the industry both in US and Europe?
  • How is the COVID-19 pandemic long-lasting effect changing the economic strength of the life sciences industry? How is the tender market in the EU evolving in the current post-pandemic climate?
  • Analysing the effect of Brexit in life sciences and pricing
  • How can the Life Sciences industry keep the momentum going after the achievements in diagnostics, therapies and vaccines to address coronavirus through collaboration, rapid adaptation and innovation? What lessons can the pricing community extract and leverage from these unprecedent accomplishments?



Eric M. Wirth, Global Pricing Leader | Global Commercial Excellence, PerkinElmer

Since China initiated a trial of the centralised drug procurement programme in 2019, three rounds of the procurement have covered 112 varieties of medicine, with their average price down 54 percent, including those widely prescribed for diabetes, high blood pressure, infections and cancers. China’s shift in its healthcare strategy means the second largest economy has increased its healthcare public spending and revamped its drug approval system, with some foreign drugs and medical trials now approved quicker than in the US. How can multinationals compete with domestic manufacturers in China’s expanding centralised drug procurement programme? With a target price in the negotiation table set up at or below the lowest ERP, in which ways will global market access and HEOR teams have to collaborate with their Chinese affiliates to maximise value realisation in negotiations?



Pol Vanaerde, President, EPP - Pricing Platform

2021 Speaker line up will be announced soon

Alejandra Garitonandia

Alejandra Garitonandia

Life Science Industry Principal EMEA


Alejandra Garitonandia

Life Sciences passionate and specialized in Revenue Management for Pharma, Background in medical and business educational studies, Broad international experience in different positions in business and IT in Life Sciences, Specialization area is where business processes meet the IT systems and how to support efficient end-to-end revenue management

Dr Sebastian Kessel

Dr Sebastian Kessel

Head of Market Access & External Engagement Central Europe,


Dr Sebastian Kessel

Economist with a PhD in Health Care Management. Consulting Background. Industry Experience in various roles within Market Access: Baxter/Baxalta; SHIRE; Takeda; UCB. Currently heading the Market Access & External Engagement department for Central Europe at UCB.

Marco Rauland

Marco Rauland

Vice President, Global Market Access & Pricing, Strategic Planning


Marco Rauland

Marco Rauland has more than 20 years of drug development, marketing, market research and pricing consulting experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to joining Merck Marco was Vice President of GfK's / Bridgeheads Market Access practice. Before that Marco was the global head and MD of the pricing, access and reimbursement practice of Genactis and BU director of the pricing and reimbursement business unit at TNS Healthcare.
Marco is an expert in pricing, contracting and reimbursement strategy and has extensive experience in implementing pricing, access and reimbursement solutions at all stages of the product life cycle, from early product development to post-launch pricing strategies. He has developed the pricing, access and reimbursement strategy for product launches across numerous therapy areas and has in-depth knowledge of international country pricing & reimbursement systems. Marco studied Biochemistry and Pharmacology at the University of Cologne and holds a PhD in Natural Science.

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Outcome-based pricing initiatives in the healthcare industry

A distorted reimbursement model has driven healthcare costs ever higher, and elevated healthcare spend to the top budget item for many governments across the globe. But several major industry players have begun to experiment with outcome-based pricing models as an innovative approach to align reimbursements more closely with positive outcomes, while simultaneously bringing greater stability and predictability to pricing in the life science industry.

This paper evaluates the current state of reimbursement models, the adjustments that need to be considered, and methods for reform while offering practical alternatives for both outcome-based pricing and payment methods for all stakeholders in the value chain.

The Evolving Landscape of biosimilars and its impact on the public procurement and tendering environment

Highpoint, an IQVIA company, has conducted various analysis to assess the impact of tenders for biosimilars and observed recent market trends as well as manufacturer behaviors to capture the subtle changes. Our findings translate into a comprehensive view on how companies could improve their bidding and tender strategy to succeed in this space. lastly, we provide our outlook on this topic emphasizing the importance for all stakeholders to find the right balance between cost containment for payers and sustainability for manufacturers to ensure that ultimately, patients and physicians will have multiple treatment options available.

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