October 19-20-21, 2021 - Munich

10th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum

10th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum

Embracing pricing innovation and digitisation in a complex global market


The must-do pricing conference

30+ Speakers
98% Attendee satisfaction
100% Networking

We are very excited to be back after a fully digital year with a celebratory 3-day in-person conference packed with outstanding speakers eager to share with you all the key trends, forecasts and best practice in pricing, reimbursement, market access and tendering across the Pharmaceutical, MedTech and Biotech industries. This in-person event will provide you with ample opportunity and time to network face-to-face with your peers.

Under the overarching theme Embracing pricing innovation and digitisation in a complex global market, we are devoting this best-in-class conference (with Pharma and MedTech dedicated tracks besides the plenary) to the main issues, challenges and trends impacting the pricing, revenue, reimbursement and market access professionals in the Life Sciences industry.

Key Programme Sessions:

  1. Accelerating patient access through next-gen pricing and collaboration
  2. Innovative pricing and contracting models for a new patient-centric era
  3. Building a successful Digital Transformation roadmap to optimise pricing strategies in Life Sciences
  4. Navigating a shifting global Life Sciences landscape

With renowned pricing and revenue decision makers in attendance, this is the premier event of its kind.

The EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum is an exclusive thought leadership conference for

  • Global pricing and market access executives,
  • Directors of global pricing and pricing process excellence,
  • Commercial excellence, pricing, reimbursement and tender specialists, market access managers,
  • Marketing and sales directors of Pharmaceuticals, MedTech and Biotech companies

This 3-day forum will provide the most interactive and pioneering discussions in the form of workshops, expert presentations, panel sessions, roundtable discussions, and great networking activities. You will be able to discuss pricing and market access challenges, stakeholder relationships discover innovative tools and solutions for the ecosystem.

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See you this October in Munich!

This face-to-face conference in Munich will comply with all the COVID-19 Safety Guidance for live conferences in Germany. Our operations team is in close collaboration with the venue as new rules come into place. We will ensure a smooth and safe event for everyone.

Relive last year’s Life Sciences Conference:

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10th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum

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October 19th 2021

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14.00 - 15.30 PM

Revealing the unknown throughout strategic analytics and data science

Alejandra Garitonandía - LS Industry Principal EMEA - Vistex

One of my favorite Mark Twain quotes is  “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” We will dissect this conundrum in my workshop.

During this workshop, we will cover the need to step out from a single dimension view of the Gross-to-Net (GtN), which only provides the information of “HOW” (how I’m spending this amount if it’s discount, rebate, chargeback) and add a second dimension with a strategic view that will provide the “WHY”.

Furthermore, we’ll analyze how to get all the needed information to plan, analyze and make decisions that lead to actions with the help of solid information and a detailed view of your Gross-to-Net performance. In addition, we´ll show how to advance analytics in a combination of data science that can support making better decisions.

14.00 - 15.30 PM

Your ideal tender excellence journey

George Boretos, Co-Founder & CMO, Cube RM & Nico Bacharidis Founder & CEO, Growpal

Using the combined experience and know-how of the participants & experts to jointly develop the perfect tender excellence journey:

  • 7 steps for success in tendering
  • Developing the ideal tender excellence process leveraging new technologies
  • Prioritise the key elements & actions to optimise your tendering business
16.00 - 17.30

Tender Wargaming: Theory and Practice

Gerardo Peccia, Director, Tender Solutions, EVERSANA & Franjo Hanzl, Vice President Commercial Development, Europe, EVERSANA

A new and unique hands-on workshop where participants practice tender bidding – first through theory, then through live exercises to simulate real-world tender bidding scenarios that companies see.

In this workshop, we will cover:

  1. Tender bidding principles and approaches
  2. How to evaluate value-based tender bidding over time
  3. Live classroom exercises to practice actual competitive situations with your co-participants


October 20th 2021

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SESSION 1 – Accelerating patient access through next-gen pricing and collaboration


Welcome by EPP President

Pol Vanaerde - Founder/President - EPP


Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Dr. Ian Tidswell, Founder & Lead Consultant, een Consulting GmbH


Addressing the Access Hurdle for Innovation Through Collaboration

Alan Crowther, General Manager, Global Pricing & Access, Eversana

  • To which extent is an open and early dialogue with HTAs needed to achieve a timely market access?
  • What are changes such as greater Net Price Transparency for innovative medicines in Europe doing to access?
  • What outcomes can be highlighted from the implementation of the Pricing and Reimbursement Decree in Italy?
  • Exploring how cross-border collaboration on HTA and pricing can impact market access to new medicines
  • Assessing the long-term effect of the EU Pharmaceutical Strategy for increased price transparency and accessibility
  • Understanding why Pricing & Market Access teams should establish early collaboration with payers to model and negotiate the most efficient contracting solutions
  • Debating why optimising the organization and operations of the Pricing & Market Access function must be a priority for Life Sciences companies navigating a challenging payer environment
  • Next Generation Revenue management – how can advanced technologies help evaluate and optimize tenders thus identifying optimum pricing and improving effectiveness?
  • In which ways can P&MA and Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) professionals cooperate in order to maximise early access to new drugs?
  • Bridging the digital skills gap in Life Sciences: from resistance to change to talent attraction


  • George Boretos, Co-Founder and CMO, Cube RM
  • Fabrizio Gianfrate, Professor of Health Economics, University of Ferrara and Rome
  • Birgit Holz, Head of Contracting Innovation, Global Market Access, Sanofi

Moderator: Dr. Ian Tidswell, Founder & Lead Consultant, een Consulting GmbH


Tackling pricing pressures and patient access barriers to ATMPs

Oswald Bentinck, Vice President - Head of Market Access EMEA, Novartis Gene Therapies

  • Boosting innovation by preventing a late start of market access assessment and a lack of evidence requirements
  • To which extent will a mature and refreshed framework be paramount to tackle price settings and reimbursements as ATMPs enter the market more often?
  • How are national public health systems working to achieve affordable reimbursement of cell gene therapies?
  • How can ATMPs clinical assessments coordinate at the EU level, while adapting HTA, pricing and reimbursement processes to capture and value long-term benefits and risks?
  • Improving patient access and reimbursement schemes by tackling barriers such as uncertainty in patient volume, high costs, and new delivery models

Healthcare transformation in a value-based care environment

Bodo Wiegand, Senior Director, Global Head of Market Access and Reimbursement CoE, Philips Healthcare

  • Value-based care and value-based pricing, how to combine the two methods
  • Innovative approaches to market access, such as market access of digital health technologies

PHARMA BREAKOUT: Market Access & Reimbursement of Gene Therapies in Germany

Axel Boehnke, Director Market Access - EU North, PTC Therapeutics

  • Recent developments and processes so far
  • Reimbursement: Contracting models and implementations
  • Data-requirements / registries – an outlook

Moderator: George Boretos, Co-Founder and CMO, Cube RM


MEDTECH BREAKOUT: The Global pricing vision for Immunodiagnostic Division at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Gisela Gerner, Director of Global Pricing and Health Economics, Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Approach to pricing systematically for value and performance
  • Pricing set up for the new software tool – subscription-based pricing.
  • Pricing market survey behind the price set up for new software tool – customer willingness to pay study.

Moderator: Ruven Remo Eul, Principal, Life Sciences, Marbls


PHARMA BREAKOUT: How to show clinical value?

Fabrizio Gianfrate, Prof. Health Economics and Outcome Research, Universities of Rome and Ferrara

  • How to face new costs for combination products and to make them affordable
  • How to set the price for gene therapies and manage the price for long-term efficacy
  • Finding new models and identifying possible solutions which are affordable
  • Developing innovative pricing strategies in a highly competitive market by leveraging product value in a customer-centric approach
  • Value-Based Procurement in MedTech – a tangible, cost-effective reality?
  • Overcoming barriers to develop a successful reimbursement strategy

SESSION 2– Innovative pricing and contracting models for a new patient-centric era


Value-Based Contracting – moving forward in a challenging environment

Birgit Holz, Head of Contracting Innovation, Global Market Access, Sanofi

  • Delving into the key role of Real World Evidence (RWE) research in value-based pricing. How can RWE be leveraged to design and support new, innovative value-based contracting programmes?
  • Pursuing valid and reliable measures of value – how should value metrics be designed to avoid risks but adding truly beneficial outcomes?
  • Assessing key considerations for stakeholders. What are the main challenges and barriers to value-based agreements adoption?
  • What capabilities and technologies should be harnessed to tackle the challenging match between Value and Costs?

Expectation VS Reality: Emerging Pricing Models in Pharma and Medical Device

Alejandra Garitonandía, LS Industry Principal EMEA, Vistex

The global pandemic made it even harder to be successful in pharma and medical device pricing. The whole situation will make a big impact on the budget and supply chain and product availability. The government response will always try to reduce Healthcare expenses and as consequence and pharmaceutical price controls will increase. This is when the value will be the new Pharma currency and we´ll see new innovative pricing models in the market.

During this session we´ll explore which are emerging trends in pricing in Pharma and Medical device. We´ll analyse some of these trends and its adoption and where to use each one.


Could Netflix-style subscription models work in the pharmaceutical industry?

Hans Demeyere, Director, Monitor Deloitte Belgium; Matthias Van Kerkhove, Manager, Monitor Deloitte Belgium

An increasingly number of pharmaceutical companies is seeking to find innovative ways to monetize medicines and services. Alternative pricing models like subscriptions, usage-based and outcome-based are more and more used as they result in a win-win situation for both payers and manufacturers. For payers or consumers, it leads to a greater degree of control, for manufacturers it creates less risky investments and more predictable revenue streams. But when and how to implement these pricing models?

  • What are the success cases of alternative pricing models in the industry?
  • What are the different pricing models pharmaceuticals could implement?
  • How to get started on implementing an alternative pricing model? What are the pitfalls?

This session will focus on assessing the patient access to medicines for Rare Diseases in the Italian market, specifically in the treatment of haemophilia. How can innovative pricing approaches help access these new and high-cost medicines in a patient-centric environment? What are the main challenges lying ahead for the successful access and affordability of these innovative medicines in the country?

  • How to deliver the right value proposition
  • How do you ensure pricing visibility and control at the corporate level?
  • Gaining clarity on how the value of a product is assessed

Moderator: Ruven Remo Eul, Principal, Life Sciences, Marbls


PHARMA BREAKOUT: Exploring the Pricing and Market effects of Biosimilar entry

Vijay Reddy, Senior Director - Global Market Access Strategy, Biocon Biologics

  • Reviewing the dynamics of markets to increase access and availability to patients across international markets
  • Assessing the Pricing and Reimbursement pathway
  • Adopting measures to rationalise and streamline the pricing negotiation procedure for generics and biosimilars

MEDTECH BREAKOUT: Incorporating a value-based pricing approach to support profitable growth and future development

Michael Schlitzkus, Global Pricing & Commercial Excellence Manager, Siemens Healthineers

The topic of Pricing Excellence became culturally ingrained in our organization over the last years.

But the value-based pricing approach was only moderately incorporated in our operating sales systems.

We will take a look on how we guide our colleagues from the beginning to a realistic and right price quality based on a target price approach.


Using organizational excellence to achieve pricing transformation

Linda Owusu-Ansah, Director of Pricing Strategy, Abcam

  • The role of the pricing leader within the organization
  • The importance of involving Executive Leadership
  • Growing pricing advocates
  • Driving long-term information gathering to commit to evidence-based decision making
  • Bridging the gap between the sales team and the pricing team

Chair’s closing remarks and end of day 1

Dr. Ian Tidswell, Founder & Lead Consultant, een Consulting GmbH

October 21st 2021

SESSION 3–Building a successful Digital Transformation roadmap to optimise pricing strategies in Life Sciences


Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Axel Boehnke, Director Market Access - EU North, PTC Therapeutics


Digital Business Transformation in Market Access: Opportunities and Threats

Dr Sebastian Kessel, Head of Market Access & External Engagement Central Europe, UCB

  • New ways of stakeholder engagements
  • Data generation & analysis: chances of the digital space
  • Taking teams along the digital journey

How Life Sciences companies are using innovative technologies to achieve tender excellence

George Boretos, Co-Founder & CMO, Cube RM and Astrid Buys, Global Head of Tenders & Pricing, Bavarian Nordic

  • Real life experiences from the Life Sciences market
  • Using AI to discover existing tender opportunities and anticipate future tenders
  • Prioritizing tenders with automated scores for smart bid-no-bid guidance
  • Building competitive and pricing intelligence
  • Automating tender workflows and collaboration
  • Leveraging Machine Learning for predictive pricing guidance with limited information

Due to increasing innovation across products and therapies, ongoing complexities within channels, and increasing mandates to compliance and transparency, Life Sciences organizations are using technology to drive solutions within each of the above respective areas across the globe. Companies are planning for and enabling Digital Transformation to support its functions in areas such as contract & price management, tendering, rebates, admin fees and contract compliance.

This session will discuss how companies are prioritizing their countries, choosing leading edge technology, ensuring its data can drive optimization, and planning for accurate levels of people engagement to deliver successfully and drive business results.


MEDTECH BREAKOUT: Assessing the true value of Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Aleš Bourek, Head Centre for Healthcare Quality, Medical Faculty, Masaryk Universit

  • Logics of health-care evolution, Health redefined
  • Complexity of interaction between health and digital
  • Progress as result of interaction of people, processes, power and tools
  • Assessment of the impact of digital transformation of healthcare with regard to health objectives

SESSION 4 – Navigating a shifting global Life Sciences landscape


Assessing the impact of Covid to society on multiple layers

Gianclaudio Fiora, Multiple Myeloma Franchise Value, Access & Pricing Lead, Bristol Myers Squibb

This session will focus on the impact of COVID-19 on:

  • Daily life and routines
  • Healthcare systems and Pharma Industry
  • Stakeholder interactions
  • Forward looking payer measures

Panel Discussion – Decoding the concept of Fair Pricing in Life Sciences

Moderator: Fabrizio Gianfrate, Prof. Health Economics and Outcome Research, Universities of Rome and Ferrara | Alan Crowther, General Manager, Global Pricing & Access, Eversana Aleš Bourek, Head Centre for Healthcare Quality, Medical Faculty, Masaryk University Neil Palmer, Principal Consultant, WN Palmer & Co Ana Plata, Global Pricing Head – BioPharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca

  • Defining the concept of fair pricing for medicines. What makes a fair price for both buyers and sellers?
  • Delving into the price transparency conundrum. Does price transparency undermine fair prices? To which extent can the transparency of prices paid, R&D costs, production costs and profit margins represent key factors to assess the fairness of medicines prices?
  • What can and should governments do to lower prices and improve patient access to innovative, costly and life-changing medicines? In which ways can industry, regulators and governments collaborate to achieve a fair and actionable pricing model?
  • Building a European model for the calculation of fair prices for medicines – a realistic approach?
  • Fair prices for vaccines – lessons learnt during the COVID-19 pandemic



Alan Crowther, General Manager, Global Pricing & Access, Eversana

Aleš Bourek, Head Centre for Healthcare Quality, Medical Faculty, Masaryk University

Neil Palmer, Principal Consultant, WN Palmer & Co

Ana Plata, Global Pricing Head, UCB


Key insights of the Tender Market for the Pharma Industry in Europe

George Boretos, Co-Founder & CMO, Cube RM & Nico Bacharidis, Founder & CEO, Growpal

  • The Pharma tendering market size and growth in Europe
  • Countries’ and sectors’ dynamics
  • Decision-making patterns
  • Customer segmentation
  • Many other valuable insights!

Priority pricing and access challenges and solutions for innovative medicines in Europe

Sandro Cesaro, Head Strategic Product Pricing – Global, F. Hoffmann-La Roche

  • Pricing & reimbursement related trends in Europe
  • Diverging evidence requirements and value recognition across Europe
  • The impact of COVID-19 on innovative launches in Europe
  • Differential and flexible pricing and contracting solution
  • Overview and history of IRP
  • IRP, absence of price transparency, role of confidential agreements & patient access schemes
  • Impact of IRP on launch sequencing & patient access
  • Case Study: Canada: new basket of 11 reference countries intended to lower drug prices to OECD median
  • USA: Overview of US IRP regulatory proposals, potential for implementation in current political environment
  • Outlook and implications

Equity Pricing Principles to maximize sustainable access globally

Ana Plata, Global Pricing Head – BioPharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca

Equity Pricing holds the promise of improving access to innovative medicines globally. However, so far only a limited number of manufacturers are successfully implementing this approach, and its value has not been fully realised.  In this presentation, we explore the current hurdles hindering equity pricing adoption and potential innovative approaches to overcome them going forwards.



Axel Boehnke, Director Market Access - EU North, PTC Therapeutics



Pol Vanaerde, President, EPP - Pricing Platform


Alejandra Garitonandia

Alejandra Garitonandia

Life Science Industry Principal EMEA


Alejandra Garitonandia

Life Sciences passionate and specialized in Revenue Management for Pharma, Background in medical and business educational studies, Broad international experience in different positions in business and IT in Life Sciences, Specialization area is where business processes meet the IT systems and how to support efficient end-to-end revenue management

Dr Sebastian Kessel

Dr Sebastian Kessel

Head of Market Access & External Engagement Central Europe,


Dr Sebastian Kessel

Economist with a PhD in Health Care Management. Consulting Background. Industry Experience in various roles within Market Access: Baxter/Baxalta; SHIRE; Takeda; UCB. Currently heading the Market Access & External Engagement department for Central Europe at UCB.

Alan Crowther

Alan Crowther

General Manager, Global Pricing & Access Solutions


Alan Crowther

Alan Crowther is the President of Global Markets of Eversana, responsible for overseeing the Global Pricing solutions for Alliance. He brings 20 years of leadership, consulting and technology experience with him to the position. Alan has previously held roles as CEO at Alliance; founder of Adjility Health, a firm
focused on life sciences analytical
software; Vice President at Capgemini; Co-founder and Officer
at Adjoined Consulting, where
he ran the Life Sciences practice
and was part of the leadership of the venture-backed company and helped drive it to a successful
$200MM+ exit. Prior to Adjoined, Mr. Crowther was head of services for a small software company
that exited to BEA Systems; and was a manager at Andersen Consulting (Accenture) before that.
He is a graduate of Princeton University.

Bodo Wiegand

Bodo Wiegand

Senior Director, Global Head of Market Access and Reimbursement CoE

Philips Healthcare

Bodo Wiegand

Bodo studied Health Economics, Hospital Management and Clinical Controlling at the Hochschule Niederrhein, Germany and has a Global MBA from the IE Business School, Spain. The combination of his studies, as well as the experience he gained throughout his career, made him an expert in the Healthcare field. He has been working for the sector for more than 15 years along with cross-cultural teams in Germany, The Netherlands, Australia, USA and Brazil, leading health-related projects and always focused on Innovation in Healthcare. In 2011, he entered the entrepreneurial health-tech eco-system and founded companies with a focus on patient satisfaction, teleradiology as well as personal health in Australia and Brazil. In 2015, he joined Philips in Latam and since then has been working in different departments within the company, all of them related to the healthcare ecosystem, currently heading Global Market Access and Reimbursement within the Chief Medical Office based out of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Oswald Bentinck

Oswald Bentinck

Vice President - Head of Market Access EMEA

Novartis Gene Therapies

Oswald Bentinck

Oswald joined Novartis Gene Therapies (formerly AveXis) in December of 2018 to lead the EMEA market access team. The team is working hard to get the first life-saving and transformational gene therapy for SMA to patients in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
He started his career as a stagiaire at the European Commission (DG Competition) after which he moved to FreeMarkets (now part of SAP) where he worked as a market maker and business development manager for large asset recovery and supply contract online auctions out of the Brussels and Melbourne offices. After 3 years he moved to Pfizer where he worked in various regional commercial roles for 7.5 years in both Europe and Latin America within the primary care business unit focusing on pain and neuroscience therapies. He subsequently spent 6.5 years at Shire in Switzerland where he worked in rare disease global marketing; and in global and regional market access, again with a focus on rare diseases. Before joining Novartis Gene Therapies Oswald spent 1.5 years leading the EMEA & Canada Pricing and Reimbursement team at Alexion based in Zurich.
Oswald holds an LLM in Tax Law from the University of Amsterdam and an MSc in Health Economics, Policy and Management from the London School of Economics. Oswald is a Dutch national based in Switzerland and The Netherlands.

Neil Palmer

Neil Palmer

Pricing and Reimbursement Expert and Principal Consultant

WN Palmer & Co

Neil Palmer

Neil Palmer is the former CEO of PDCI Market Access Inc. (PDCI), Canada’s leading pricing and reimbursement consultancy he co-founded in 1996. PDCI became a business unit of McKesson Canada in December 2020. Prior to PDCI, Neil worked with the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) where his responsibilities included policy development, overseeing the price review of patented medicines and conducting economic research. Prior to the PMPRB, he worked with the Health Division of Statistics Canada where he was responsible for economic and statistical analysis of health care costs and utilization. After completing his studies at the University of Western Ontario, Neil began his career in Montreal with the research group of the Kellogg Centre for Advanced Studies in Primary Care. Neil was an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy graduate program in Health Care Decision Analysis where he lectured on health technology assessment, pricing and market access from a global perspective. He has presented extensively on pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement issues and is a frequent speaker at conferences in North America and Europe.

Michael Schlitzkus

Michael Schlitzkus

Global Pricing & Commercial Excellence Manager


Michael Schlitzkus

Michael is currently responsible for the global for the global Pricing Excellence at Siemens Healthineers embedded in the Commercial Excellence Program.
Starting in Airline Revenue Management he became a proven professional Pricing Leader with experience in Strategic Pricing, Building Pricing Units & Commercial Excellence in medium-size to worldwide corporates in B2C & B2B. As the Lead of a Pricing Application Project he recently went live with a new value based methodology in the global CPQ tool and is currently handling the international roll-out. Besides that, he consults internally regards the topic of Pricing & profitable growth, supports the cultural change towards a Pricing mindset change. In this regards he was jointly responsible for defining a worldwide Pricing training program. Additionally Michael is supporting the e-commerce team in the context of pricing, sales enablement & analytics.

Vijay Ram Reddy

Vijay Ram Reddy

Senior Director - Global Market Access Strategy

Biocon Biologics

Vijay Ram Reddy

Vijay is currently the Global Market Access Strategy – Senior Director at Biocon Biologics, a fast growing +US$700 million dedicated biosimilar company, working closely with global commercial and executive leadership team. He’s responsible to lead, shape and build biosimilar Global Market Access Strategy for existing and pipeline products and driving Value Based Contracting (VBC) for its marketed biosimilar products to gain favourable market access spanning across the portfolio of oncology and diabetes product covering US, EU and Emerging Markets (LATAM, Middle East-CIS and ASEAN region). Also, responsible for Building retail access strategy for priority geographies to augment self-commercialization of Biocon’s Biosimilar products. Previously, Vijay led the Global Market Access Strategy for the one of the largest franchise of “GE Healthcare Critical Care Solution” product portfolio. Prior to industry, Vijay was associated with consulting industry for 8 years where he worked with likes of EY and led global life science Strategy products in market access & HEOR for EU & US based Pharma companies.

Dr Eric Noehrenberg

Dr Eric Noehrenberg



Dr Eric Noehrenberg

Dr Eric Noehrenberg leads NIPC, Noehrenberg International Policy Consulting, offering public policy and market access strategy development in the international health care area, based on his extensive experience in the medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotech industries.
On the corporate side, Eric was most recently with Edwards Lifesciences, responsible for developing international market access strategies for the leading products of Edwards’ Structural Surgical Heart and Critical Care Franchises, as well as collaborating with national and regional market access colleagues on the implementation of national-level strategies in the broad geographic region of Europe, EMEA, Latin America and Canada.
Eric came to Edwards from Shire Pharmaceuticals’ international HQ in Switzerland, where he was Director and Regional Lead for Market Access for Latin America. He had responsibility for pricing decisions for products across Shire’s portfolio for the region as well as creating launch strategies for major products from the Rare Diseases and Neurosciences franchises. Prior to this role, Eric was Director, Public Affairs for Market Access, for Shire’s Specialty Pharmaceutical Division, where he developed market access strategies for key neuroscience products for the European, Asian, and LATAM regions.
Eric has prior experience in global roles at the international trade federation for the pharmaceutical industry, IFPMA, and at the United Nations.
Eric has a Bachelor’s Degree from Princeton University, a Master of Public Policy Degree from Harvard University, and a Doctorate from the University of Tübingen, Germany, focusing on International Game Theory.

Lara Pippo

Lara Pippo

Head of Market Access & Government Affairs

CSL Behring Italy

Lara Pippo

Lara Pippo has a background in pharmaceutical science and market access. She obtained her PhD at the University of Bologna and an MBA in Healthcare Management Economics and Policy at Bocconi School of Management in Milan. She was part of the Market Access Department of GSK and Amgen, working to ensure optimal patients’ access to medicines, and was Medical Affairs Program Leader in Roche working on real world evidence generation to support drugs value in the clinical practice. Since 2016, Lara is the Head of Market Access & Government Affairs in the Italian affiliate of CSL Behring, a global biotech company focused on innovative therapies to treat rare and serious medical conditions, bleeding disorders and immune deficiencies.

Hans Demeyere

Hans Demeyere


Monitor Deloitte

Hans Demeyere

Hans Demeyere is Director at Monitor Deloitte Belgium, focusing on Commercial Excellence topics. In the last 9 years, Hans performed projects mainly in LSHC related to GtN optimization programs within pharma & animal health, as well as supporting pricing transformation journeys incl. pricing analytics & tender management. In addition, Hans spent more than 2 years in Switzerland and 4 months in Brazil for business purposes.

Matthias Van Kerkhove

Matthias Van Kerkhove


Monitor Deloitte Belgium

Matthias Van Kerkhove

Matthias Van Kerkhove is Manager at Monitor Deloitte Belgium, focusing on Commercial Strategy & Excellence topics. In the last 5 years, Matthias performed projects mainly in LSHC related to gross-to-net and tender optimization programs for pharmaceutical companies. He also has experience in large pricing transformation projects in other industries like energy, resources & industrial products.

Gisela Gerner

Gisela Gerner

Director of Global Pricing and Health Economics

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Gisela Gerner

Gisela Gerner has 20 years of experience from pricing within different industries. She’s been driving teams and implemented processes for efficiency in line with business strategy. At Husqvarna Group, she created a new global pricing function integrated with the brand strategy for the different brands within Husqvarna Group. At Sandvik she worked at the strategy department for Sandvik Machining Solutions and headed up the Sandvik Coromant pricing function. She has also worked with the re-branding of Subaru in Australia as retail advertising manager and been communication manager at General Motors for Chevrolet. She is currently building up a new pricing function for Thermo Fisher and driving the Health Economics department towards a more value and commercial focus.

Birgit Holz

Birgit Holz

Head of Contracting Innovation, Global Market Access


Birgit Holz

Axel Boehnke

Axel Boehnke

Director Market Access Europe North

PTC Therapeutics

Axel Boehnke

He´s fully responsible for all market access aspects, Pricing and Reimbursement-issues, Health Technology Assessment, accelerated patient access, early evidence planning, and institutional interactions, focusing on orphan diseases and Gene Therapy. Before, Axel was a Director Market Access at MorphoSys AG, focusing on oncology and especially r/r DLBCL. He has in-depth knowledge and expertise in the specialized business, like Oncology, Autoimmune Diseases, (Ultra) Orphan Diseases, Hepatology, Anti-virals, etc. He also has in track record experience in therapeutic mass markets like cardiovascular or osteoporosis, with respective payer-interactions and contracting.
Axel started with Humira at Abbott in national responsibility, headed the Department of Market Access, managed Care at Servier, and served for experience in the biopharmaceutical industry for the last years. He is a Health Economist (University of Cologne) by education and holds a master’s degree in health and medical management (University Erlangen-Nurnberg). Axel is a member of the German Society of Market Access, the German Society of Health Economics, and the EU Market Access & Value Committee at ARM (Alliance for Regenerative Medicine). He published various articles on Benefit Assessment, Market Access, Healthcare-System Issues, Disease Awareness (i.e. in Rheumatoid Arthritis or Psoriasis), and on Claims-Data-Analysis with Real World Evidence.

Fabrizio Gianfrate

Fabrizio Gianfrate

Prof. Health Economics and Outcome Research

Universities of Rome and Ferrara

Fabrizio Gianfrate

George Boretos

George Boretos

Co-Founder & CMO

Cube RM

George Boretos

George Boretos is the co-founder & CMO of Cube RM, a vendor of Tender Management software with integrated tender discovery using Natural Language Processing and pricing guidance for tenders using Machine Learning. He has more than 20 years of professional experience in executive leadership positions in product marketing, sales, corporate strategy, and pricing. He is also specializing in predictive pricing guidance & optimization models, with numerous successful business forecasts and scientific publications to his name in prestigious scientific journals and publishers, such as Elsevier and Foresight. He is a member of the International Institute of Forecasters.

Ana Plata

Ana Plata

Global Pricing Head – BioPharmaceuticals


Ana Plata

Ana Plata is a healthcare strategy leader with 10+ years of pricing & market access experience in both industry and consulting and has worked in a variety of roles spanning from early pipeline to launch leadership. Currently, Ana is the Global Pricing Head – BioPharmaceuticals at AstraZeneca. Ana is passionate about increasing access to innovative medicines globally, especially in currently underserved low- & middle-income countries.

Sandro Cesaro

Sandro Cesaro

Head of Strategic Product Pricing

Roche Pharmaceuticals

Sandro Cesaro

Sandro is the Head of Strategic Product Pricing at Roche Pharmaceuticals based in Switzerland.
Sandro has a track record in Pharma, Diagnostics & Consulting for more than 15 years. He brings broad experience in Market Access & Pricing from global, regional and local roles. Before joining Roche Sandro worked as a consultant with a Boston Consulting Group healthcare spin-off. Prior to that Sandro was a scientist in the digital and diagnostics area with IBM Research. Sandro holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Zurich.

Linda Owusu-Ansah

Linda Owusu-Ansah

Director of Pricing Strategy


Linda Owusu-Ansah

Linda is the Director of Pricing at Abcam. With over 13 years of Pricing and Revenue Management experience in the Travel and Tourism, Education and Biotechnology industries, Linda has a wealth of knowledge and a well-rounded approach towards achieving pricing excellence. She is also passionate about driving better understanding and awareness of pricing as a discipline of its own. She has successfully led several price transformation projects over the years, including the introduction of Price Infrastructure, Price Architecture, Governance, Pricing Strategy and Organisational Excellence. Linda’s specific expertise is in delivering commercial benefit by encouraging a holistic view of pricing that goes well beyond just the numbers.

Slobodan Farago

Slobodan Farago

Pricing and Sales Effectiveness MDS Europe


Slobodan Farago

20 years plus of business and team leadership experience in life sciences (Life Sciences/Pharmaceuticals/Diagnosis/MedTech/Biotech). Well-proven in strategic roles (HQ) with leading industry players and consulting agencies. Value and solution driven mindset. Education background in biological sciences, management and business administration, and pricing. Strong expertise in Commercial Excellence, Sales Force Effectiveness, Business Analytics, Strategic Pricing, Marketing. People management and team leadership routine.

Ales Bourek

Ales Bourek

Head, Center for Healthcare Quality

Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University

Ales Bourek

Aleš Bourek, M.D., Ph.D. works as CEO of the Masaryk University (Brno, CZ) Center for Healthcare Quality. He served as a member of the Expert Panel on effective ways of investing in health (EXPH), advisory panel of the European Commission and as deputy director of National Institute of Public Health. In his research he addresses health systems, healthcare quality and he explores computer linguistics for medical information management. For 33 years, he mentors students of the Masaryk University and abroad in information handling and communication skills and attitudes for professional healthcare needs. He is an active gynecologist and the head of L’ART Center for Assisted Reproduction (www.ivf.cz). Previously, he worked for many international organizations, such as the Council of Europe, WHO and the World Bank on quality and accountability improvement in healthcare and healthcare education. He was President of the European Society for Quality in Healthcare and is a board member of the Central and Eastern European Society of Technology Assessment in Healthcare and the European Health Futures Forum. He enjoys outdoor life and interaction with various communities all over the world.

Andrew Hanhauser

Andrew Hanhauser

Vice President


Andrew Hanhauser

Gerardo Peccia

Gerardo Peccia

Director Tender Solutions


Gerardo Peccia

Gerardo leads EVERSANA’s Tenders Data Solutions. He has spent the last 10 years managing tender operations in the medtech space. His experience includes designing and implementing digital innovative solutions for global tender's management, as well as work on tender strategy and prioritization, global data collection and analysis, and the use of advanced analytics to support commercial decisions, including pricing.

Gianclaudio Floria

Gianclaudio Floria

Multiple Myeloma Franchise Value, Access & Pricing Lead

Bristol Myers Squibb

Gianclaudio Floria

Gianclaudio Floria leads the Value and Access Execution Multiple Myeloma franchise for BMS. Has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years in different roles with increasing responsibilities in international environments from countries ranging from Italy, Switzerland, UK, and US.
Prior to Pricing and Market Access he worked in Finance in companies like General Electric and I.Net, a British Telecom company.

Nico Bacharidis

Nico Bacharidis

Founder & CEO


Nico Bacharidis

Nico is the founder of Growpal, a Switzerland-based consulting company and healthcare ecosystem builder. As the former global Tender & Contracting Lead of Pfizer, he is one of the few people who have built up and lead a global tender & contracting organization for a pharmaceutical company. He has a unique know-how and experience in tender & contracting capabilities, processes, policies, teams & tools.

Franjo Hanzl

Franjo Hanzl

Vice President Commercial Development, Europe


Franjo Hanzl

Franjo has over 25 years of experience in the life sciences industry. He led three global launches across six continents and managed franchises worth over $500M. He has expertise in marketing and business development, as well as pharma partnership and alliance management. Additionally, Franjo has led launches across Europe, resulting in a deep knowledge of the pricing landscape in the region.

Astrid Buys

Astrid Buys

Global Head of Tenders & Pricing

Bavarian Nordic

Astrid Buys

Astrid Buys is Global Head of Tenders & Pricing at Bavarian Nordic and has extensive experience with pricing, market access and contracts in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Astrid has an international background having lived in six countries throughout Australasia, Europe & Latin America. She holds a master degree in Health Economics & Policy from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.

Ian Tidswell

Ian Tidswell

Founder & Lead Consultant

een Consulting GmbH

Ian Tidswell

Ian Tidswell, PhD, has 15+ years of experience in B2B pricing, both as a consultant and as head of pricing for a $15B Life Sciences company and head of pricing process transformation for a medical device manufacturer. A frequent speaker at B2B and MedTech conferences, Ian brings a practical approach to pricing based on a solid structured approach.

Ruven Remo Eul

Ruven Remo Eul

Principal, Life Sciences


Ruven Remo Eul

Ruven is a Principal at Marbls based out of Switzerland and has worked close to 15 years in Life Sciences in European and International markets with a primary focus in Pricing, Contracting, Tendering and Commercial Excellence. Ruven began his early career working in industry for Top 5 pharmaceutical manufacturers in tendering, contracting, and commercial effectiveness, from local to global roles. After which, Ruven joined HighPoint Solutions where he started and led consulting services in Europe for Global Pricing and Tender Management. Ruven was responsible for developing teams, creating solutions, and project oversight as well as delivering services across clients from pharma, medical device to biosimilar & generic manufacturers. In addition, he was responsible for managing the international partnerships and Thought Leadership initiatives. Throughout the acquisition by IQVIA, Ruven became in charge of the legacy European HighPoint team. Ruven’s focus continues in Global Pricing & Tender Management as well as Commercial Excellence.

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