October 18th-20th 2022

11th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum

11th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum

Redefining Life Sciences Pricing Strategies for Sustainable Post-Pandemic Growth


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We are very excited to introduce you to this year’s annual conference, packed with outstanding speakers eager to share with you all the key trends, forecasts, and best practices in pricing, reimbursement, market access, and tendering across the Pharmaceutical, MedTech, and Biotech industries. This in-person event will provide you with ample opportunity and time to network face-to-face with your peers.

Under the last forum’s theme Redefining Life Sciences Pricing Strategies for Sustainable Post-Pandemic Growth, we are devoting this best-in-class conference (with Pharma and MedTech dedicated tracks beside the plenary) to the main issues, challenges, and trends impacting the pricing, revenue, reimbursement and market access professionals in the Life Sciences industry.

Key Programme Sessions of 2022:

  • Latest pricing trends to drive commercial success and enhanced patient access
  • Unlocking Value Through Evidence, Collaboration & Transparency
  • Embracing new business models for the digital era
  • Confronting uncertainty and thriving in times of global upheaval

With renowned pricing and revenue decision-makers in attendance, this is the premier event of its kind.

The EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum is an exclusive thought leadership conference for

  • Global pricing and market access executives,
  • Directors of global pricing and pricing process excellence,
  • Commercial excellence, pricing, reimbursement and tender specialists, market access managers,
  • Marketing and sales directors of Pharmaceuticals, MedTech, and Biotech companies

This forum will provide the most interactive and pioneering discussions in the form of workshops, expert presentations, panel sessions, roundtable discussions, and great networking activities. You will be able to discuss pricing and market access challenges, stakeholder relationships discover innovative tools and solutions for the ecosystem.

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11th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum

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October 19th 2022

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SESSION 1 – Latest pricing trends to drive commercial success and enhanced patient access


Welcome by EPP President

Pol Vanaerde • President, EPP - Pricing Platform

  • Tackling increasing price pressure in the pharmaceutical and medical devices sector from payers, patients, and competitors  
  • Two years post-launch: evaluating the developments of the EU’s Pharmaceutical Strategy in drugs affordability and increased transparency  
  • Responding to current market conditions with pricing and revenue optimisation through every stage of the product lifecycle 
  • Creating price consistency and a clear long-term strategy to control price setting now and in the future 
  • Building the pricing team of the future: assessing how to design an organisational structure suited to strategic priorities and goals 
  • Boosting the cooperation between P&MA teams on the global and regional level – tools and approaches to foster collaboration in an efficient way 
  • Empowering and aligning pricing and commercial teams to enable optimisation and drive growth  
  • Enhancing operational effectiveness by developing an optimal pricing governance 
  • Attracting talent and building a career in pricing and market access – is it always a ‘next career move’ or a C-level position the long-term prospects for pricing professionals? 
  • Determining the right timing and pricing for a product launch – what’s the optimal launch roadmap for pricing success? 
  • Delving into how companies can assess product launch country specifics and the risk associations 
  • Understanding why extensive international reference pricing risk analysis is key to successfully implement an optimal global launch sequence and pricing strategy for new medicines 
  • Assessing the impact of reimbursement tightening rules and payers’ budgetary constraints in prices: from product launch pricing to the maturity stage 
  • Evaluating effective Pricing and Reimbursement processes that ensure the future of Gene Therapies in the EU  
  • Exploring the suitability of value-based pricing and indication-based pricing for ATMP’s and gene therapies 
  • Case study: Zolgensma – how many buyers are paying the $2.1m price tag? 
  • Responding to increasing reimbursement pressures throughout the US and the EU 
  • Understanding the payer’s perspective – are current reimbursement schemes a hurdle to innovation? 
  • Achieving the transition to value-based pricing in a highly commoditised market 
  • Implementing new pricing models as the focus shifts from product-oriented to being service-oriented 
  • EU MDR/IVDR one year on: adapting to competitive business environments while staying on top of new regulations 
  • Analysing the challenges in the value assessment, pricing, and funding of targeted combination therapies in oncology 
  • Indication-based pricing: what are the opportunities and challenges in oncology medicines? How is it applicable in practice? 
  • Exploring innovative pricing models and strategies to make CAR-T Therapy affordable 
  • Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan – analysing the impact on patient access 
  • Analysing current pricing and reimbursement systems for diagnostics. Should Value Based Pricing be applied to molecular diagnostics? 
  • Addressing the lack of transparency for diagnostic devices  
  • Understanding main barriers for reimbursement in US and Europe – are they restraining the growth of innovation in molecular diagnostics? 
  • Case study: assessing global pricing and reimbursement strategies of COVID-19 diagnostic tests 

SESSION 2 – Unlocking Value Through Evidence, Collaboration & Transparency

  • Assessing the fast development of the EU Joint HTA programme. What are the implications for market access and pricing in the long term? How will this shared effort deliver meaningful value for patients by securing opportune access to innovative medicines? 
  • Exploring the key role of Real-World Evidence (RWE) research in value-based pricing. How are Pharma companies using RWE to facilitate the use of value-based contracts with payers for high-cost medicines? How has the pandemic stressed the power and value of real-world data? 
  • Next-generation RWE: Maximising value from RWE generation with advanced analytics  
  • Analysing the influence of patient-reported outcome data from clinical trials (PROs) on policymakers, regulators, and payers to support drug approval, pricing, and reimbursement decisions 
  • What capabilities and technologies should be harnessed to tackle the challenging match between value and costs? 
  • Exploring cross-border collaboration examples set up to achieve greater payer negotiating power with manufacturers to acquire high priced medicines 
  • Case study: BeNeLuxA Initiative 
  • Understanding how the Euripid collaboration contributes to price transparency of pharmaceuticals 
  • Net price transparency – how is increased transparency fuelling price pressures? What do you need to know about drug pricing transparency in the US? Understanding main developments in a complex market and exploring the federal Transparency in Coverage rule 
  • Price transparency vs. Equity-Based Tiered Pricing – who’s right?  
  • Achieving other initiatives for greater collaboration amongst payers, HTAs, pharma and patients to improve outcomes such as the Oslo Medicines Initiative and the Valletta Declaration  
  • Value-based pricing and contracting for innovative MedTech: assessing main barriers and opportunities 
  • Analysing the added value of customer service and digitisation. How is this shift affecting MedTech pricing strategies?  
  • Case study: Using Outcomes-Based Pricing for cardiovascular devices 
  • Achieving payer reimbursement with outcomes-based risk-sharing models 
  • Developing innovative pricing strategies in a highly competitive market by leveraging product value in a customer-centric approach 
  • Exploring the use of the MEAT VBP Framework to analyse and understand the value of medical devices 
  • Assessing the real impact of managed entry agreements on pharmaceutical prices 
  • Learning how EMAs can help reducing payer uncertainty, improve patient access and become key element in pricing and market access launch strategy 
  • Outcome based agreements vs. finance-based agreements – what’s the most suitable option? 
  • Overview of European payers’ experiences 
  • Value-Based Procurement in MedTech – a tangible, cost-effective reality?  
  • Incorporating cost-effectiveness tools into the processes of tenders and procurement to maximise health returns  
  • Capturing the value-based procurement opportunity to get ahead in a competitive marketplace 
  • Boosting the use of new technologies to develop the ideal tender excellence process in MedTech  
  • Reviewing the dynamics of markets to increase access and availability to patients across EU 
  • Insights and trends regarding tendering of biosimilars in Europe 
  • Analysing how biosimilar medicines can bring better value for healthcare spending 
  • Assessing the Pricing and Reimbursement pathway 
  • Analysing the shift from ownership model to access model with subscription-based pricing in MedTech  
  • How can this pricing model succeed by equally benefiting both suppliers and hospitals with the advantage of predictability and value addition (i.e., customer service, clinical support)?  
  • What medical technologies would be ideal for a subscription-based business model in today’s market?What are the implications for commercial teams? 
  • Reviewing pharmaceutical price mark-up practice and its implementation 
  • Assessing the direct and cumulative impact of factors such as freight costs, government-collected tariffs, taxes and mark-ups on drugs’ final prices 
  • Exploring country-focused approaches to distribution and taxation and how these policies impact affordability of essential medicines  
  • Pharmaceutical supply chains in a challenging scenario: key pricing issues and strategies for optimisation 
  • Rethinking the concept of Fair Pricing: before and after the WHO/HAI Project on Medicine Prices and Availability 

October 20th 2022

SESSION 3 – Embracing new business models for the digital era

  • Addressing main barriers to designing evidence generation plans for Digital Health technologies in order to define a clear reimbursement route 
  • New approaches to HTAs for digital products – a feasible strategy? 
  • Exploring reimbursement models of digital health apps around Europe: examples in Germany and France 
  • What value do digital health solutions bring? What are the funding mechanisms and evaluations? 
  • How is pharma addressing the accelerated adoption of digital health and how is this affecting pharma traditional business models? Are digital health partnerships the best option for pharma to remain competitive? 
  • Discovering how the MedTech industry can capture value from digital health as a trigger for accelerated innovation 
  • Exploring best pricing models for digital applications in pharma and MedTech 
  • eHealth Stakeholder Group: latest developments and outcomes in Europe 
  • From real-world data to real-world evidence: Leveraging Big Data to boost market access of innovative medicines 
  • How can AI be utilised to generate the right pricing to respond to the market?  
  • Exploring latest developments of the DARWIN EU (Data Analytics and Real World Interrogation Network) scheme  
  • Lagging behind digital transformation – what main barriers need overcome to embrace the swift to digital?  
  • Assessing how predictive analytics can be deployed to inform pricing strategies, determine appropriate launch sequences and optimise discounts 
  • Getting the right people and the right skills – pros and cons of hiring for digital transformation 
  • Exploring how to win tenders with the right pricing strategy and the key role played by advanced technologies 
  • Understanding how to use Tender Analytics to make pricing and budgeting decisions 
  • Tender optimisation strategy – what are the latest cost containment strategies and reimbursement?  
  • Exploring automatic tender discovery using natural language processing and machine learning  
  • Driving profitable revenue by creating differentiated service offerings and value-added outcome-based solutions 
  • Discovering new growth opportunities by optimising the reward and sharing the risk – which digital investments shall be made to ensure optimal outcomes? 
  • Changing the strategic mindset and business model – an imperative roadmap?  
  • Exploring new ways of stakeholder engagements  
  • Data generation & analysis: chances of the digital space  
  • Taking teams along the digital journey  
  • Adapting your commercial model to the new post-pandemic Healthcare ecosystem 
  • Embracing the accelerated digital shift in MedTech by adopting value-based marketing and messaging 
  • Building a next-generation commercial model: leveraging technology to create a post-pandemic bionic transformation 
  • Roundtable 1: External Reference Pricing – Impact of ERP on launch sequencing & patient access  
  • Roundtable 2: Tender Management: Optimising your tendering process with data   
  • Roundtable 3: Country focused: Development of pricing mechanisms & policies in the US 
  • Roundtable 4: Setting up the optimal internal pricing capability, governance, and tools  
  • Roundtable 5: How do you empower your commercial teams in this current post-pandemic world? 
  • Roundtable 6: Developing a successful reimbursement strategy 

SESSION 4 – Confronting uncertainty and thriving in times of global upheaval

Since China initiated a trial of the centralised drug procurement programme in 2019, three rounds of the procurement have covered over a hundred varieties of medicine, with their average price down 54 percent, including those widely prescribed for diabetes, high blood pressure, infections, and cancers. China’s shift in its healthcare strategy means the second largest economy has increased its healthcare public spending and revamped its drug approval system, with some foreign drugs and medical trials now approved quicker than in the US.  


  • How can multinationals compete with domestic manufacturers to success in gaining entry to the National Reimbursement Drug List (NRDL)? 
  • With a target price in the negotiation table set up at or below the lowest ERP, in which ways will global market access and HEOR teams must collaborate with their Chinese affiliates to maximise value realisation in negotiations? 
  • To which extent the drug cost reductions demanded by the Chinese government (as high as 90%) is far outweighed by the large volumes that can be achieved? How to remain agile to achieve a successful outcome? 
  • Evaluating key trends that will affect the future of pricing in Life Sciences. What’s the emerging pricing models and strategies to look out for in 2023 and beyond? 
  • How is the COVID-19 pandemic long-lasting effect changing the economic strength of the life sciences industry? How is the tender market in the EU evolving in the current post-pandemic climate? 
  • How can the Life Sciences pricing professionals harness change and disruption to bolster the role of pricing within the business?  
  • Will digital transformation’s acceleration have a real, measurable, attainable impact on pricing and market access in the near future? 
  • How will Life Sciences companies achieve commercial success in a context of payer power and post-pandemic cost-containment?  
  • What regulatory changes and developments in Europe will shape the pricing and market access industry of the next 5 years?  
  • How is the current uncertain financial climate contributing to political schemes such as the Biden’s drug pricing reduction plans? How is the ‘favored nation status’ coming along with the current administration? How is this impacting the industry both in US and Europe?  


Pol Vanaerde • President, EPP - Pricing Platform

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EPP has secured a preferential room rate at the Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel, exclusively for the attendees to this Forum. This special room rate includes breakfast and tax and would apply up to 3 days before and 3 days after the event dates, in case you need to extend your stay.

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