Speaker line-up

  • Erik J. Szobota

    Director, Global Yield and Pricing

    Twitter Inc.

  • Nicholas Dalby

    Senior Manager – Pricing and Promotions


  • Arnaud Potiron

    Worldwide Strategic Pricing Director


  • Felix Krohn

    Vice President Corporate Strategy, Pricing & BI

    Wolters Kluwer

  • Dr. Manu Carricano

    Senior Lecturer Data Science - and Founder

    ESADE Business School - The Top Line Lab

  • Patricia Caballero Barrero

    Strategy & Pricing Manager


  • José Vela

    Director of Pricing

    Spandex Group

  • Stella Penso Lancaster

    Senior Director of Revenue and Margin Management

    Careem Networks

  • Murli Mahalingam

    Global Pricing and Contract Manager

    Albéa Group

  • Ebrahim Elebiary

    Pricing Manager Europe South

    Goodyear Dunlop Tires Operations

  • Anna Duvialard

    Pricing manager - Vendavo implementation Europe

    The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

  • Imane Adoua

    Pricing Manager PLT


  • Rickard Glamsjö


    Price Edge

  • Olivier Nocher

    Former Head of Pricing and Commercial Strategy


  • George Boretos


    Cube RM

  • Olivier Dallemagne


    Monitor Deloitte Belgium

  • Melissa Soto



  • Paolo De Angeli

    Pricing Group Expert

    Borealis AG

  • Margarida Saragoça

    Business Development & Clients Director

    Vieira de Almeida

  • Björn Willemsens


    Monitor Deloitte Switzerland

  • Dogus Karaca

    Senior Pricing Manager

    Volkswagen Financial Services

  • Marcel Körner

    Global Pricing Director

    Dell EMC

  • Frank Frohmann

    Senior Business Coach in an international chemicals company; author of the book “Digitales Pricing”

    International Chemicals Company

  • Sjoerd van Kessel



  • Daniela Hupfeld

    Commercial Director

    Thomas Cook Hotels and Resorts

  • Cynthia Reitano

    Deputy Director of Revenue Management & Pricing

    Thomas Cook Hotels & Resorts

  • Philipp Theves

    Market Pricing Manager EMEA

    Johnson Controls Power Solutions

  • Thomas Delloye

    Director, Business Solutions

    Zilliant Inc.

  • Milan Havlíček

    Sales Director


  • Micael Ehn

    Head of Data Science

    Price Edge

  • Weldon W. Whitener, PhD

    Chief Analytics Officer

     Pricesearcher Ltd.

  • Loon Lee Spielmann

    Senior Manager. Global Pricing and Competitive Portfolio Analytics

    Philips Healthcare

  • Guillaume Tujague


    The Top Line Lab

  • Pol Vanaerde


    European Pricing Platform

  • Javier Subirats

    Head of Best Practices for Revenue Management


  • Hà Tran

    Manager Corporate Strategy, Pricing & BI

    Wolters Kluwer

  • Sébastien Fauvel

    CEO & Data Science Consultant

    Darwin Pricing GmbH

  • Darius Fekete

    Senior Pricing Consultant


  • Photo Daniel Cho

    Daniel Cho

    Director Marketing, Global Pricing & Competitive Portfolio Analytics

    Philips Healthcare

  • Hans-Peter Klug

    Senior Strategic Consultant


Thank you for joining

the 13th EPP European & Global Pricing Forum

Relive it now!

We are very proud to say that the 13th annual EPP® Global & European Pricing Forum 2018 was a massive success!

The forum focused on the newest pricing technologies  such as machine learning, AI in pricing, CTQ, and more and latest innovative insights i.e. the transformation towards subscription plans, 2nd gen dynamic pricing, predictive pricing, from leading pricing and monetization experts across the world, with the main theme of the event on “How a digital enterprise boosts the role of pricing if they embrace the newest technology”.

Our key theme at the 2018 event was “Pricing in the Digital Enterprise” because we believe organizations are moving very quickly into ‘Digital enterprises’. Over the last few years, we’ve seen an explosion of technologies supporting managers to drive improved fact based decision making.  All organisations (from retailers to B2B organisations) need to match the speed and agility of organizations that are born digital.   The change into digital enterprises is on, and priority setting where to invest is key.  We see that many organizations are focusing their digital investments on sales and marketing – and many of them find out that the value of digitalization is very much in pricing.

The event had more than 120 delegates and amazing senior industry speakers sharing best practices and real case studies presentations from companies such as: Dell, Twitter, Michelin, Albéa, Goodyear, Praxair, Careem, Thomas Cook, Office Depot, and many more.

 Keeping up the pace requires fast learning and testing which is key in an agile world. Join us in 2019 for Europe’s main Pricing Forum.  The 2019 event will offer again great learning, discussions and network opportunities during 3 interactive days with workshops, expert presentations, panel sessions, round tables discussions – a pricing technology fair – and a great evening event.


Looking for the presentations?

A large amount of information was presented during the 13th EPP European & Global Pricing Forum. We can look back on 3 days filled with high level expert presentations.

We have brought together all the material in the EPP content area, for download now, or possibly later.*

Click here and find the matieral that you find interesting.

*for EPP members only




If you are an influencer or specialize in pricing based on AI, machine learning – or agile pricing strategies in a digital world – we want to hear from you !

If you would like to contribute to this unique forum,
please contact Mariana Flores at mariana.flores@pricingplatform.eu


   Watch the 2018 pictures :


The must-attend event for innovative price leaders


    We stimulate an atmosphere of discussion and interaction, the best way to learn.


    A carefully selected speaking team of top pricing professionals, all active within your industry. No general talk, but only to-the point and useful presentations.


    With more than 1000 minutes of network opportunity, you have plenty of time to connect with pricing colleagues from all over Europe.


    Reflect on your key priorities and how to make it really happen !  Translate your key learnings into real change.


We are working on the upcoming programme 2019.

If you want to keep updated, please request the brochure (see top right in navigation).  As soon as the new brochure is available, we will send you the programme !

November 21st 2019
08.40 Welcome by EPP President Pol Vanaerde - President - EPP
November 22nd 2019
08.50 Chairman’s Opening Remarks Olivier Nocher - Former Head of Pricing and Commercial Strategy- Sky

Contact Forum Producer

Mariana Flores


Borealis AG

Paolo De Angeli, Pricing Group Expert at Borealis AG

I enjoyed very much this year’s EPP Conference, particularly for the focus on digitalisation and future trends. The conference gave the possibility to the pricing community to compare ideas and prepare some initial answers to our future challenges


Olivier Nocher , Former Head of Pricing and Commercial Strategy at Sky

“I have been attending the EPP European & Global Pricing Forums for years now and they have been consistently getting better and better. The 13th edition didn’t disappoint: there was a true breadth of quality presentations from amazing speakers, so much so that the compromises you have to accept when choosing between the B2B, B2C or Retail streams have become really painful. Big thank you to the organisation team!”

Dell EMC

Marcel Körner, Global Pricing Director at Dell EMC

“It was a great event and well worth joining. I enjoyed the discussions and interaction during my presentation on Dell’s pricing journey and the panel on Artificial Intelligence”

Frank Frohmann

Frank Frohmann, Senior Business Coach ; author of the book “Digitales Pricing” at Evonik

“My speech on “Digital Revenue and Price models” was another personal highlight for me in a long cooperation with the EPP. It started in 2007 and includes several presentations and workshops. Networking with pricing experts and managers is such a great opportunity to learn and grow. The EPP business model deserves my full respect. Thanks to a great audience and the EPP-team”

Price Edge

Micael Ehn, PhD, Head of Data Science at Price Edge

“Two great days spent at the Global Pricing Forum. 50% of presentations mentioned AI/ML, for vendors that number was 75%. Lots of hype of course, but great to see AI in pricing really catching on”


Philippe Vandevoorde, Product and Pricing Manager at Proximus

Great organisation to share experiences, create contacts and refresh your ideas & thought about the pricing activities and the evolution’s in the business.  Organisation was very professional.


Imane Adoua, Pricing Manager PLT at Continental

It was my first participation as a speaker and attendee in the event. I was so impressed of the high level of the speakers, such experienced and smart people and also of the performance of the organizers and their professionalism. For the upcoming years I will probably make the EPP event as THE event to meet pricing experts

Goodyear Dunlop Tires Operations

Ebrahim Elebiary , Pricing Manager Europe South at Goodyear Dunlop Tires Operations

Excellent organization and list of attendees. Have the chance to network with top pricing leaders across industries is very rewarding. During the breakout sessions, there was experience sharing, which inspires action and reapplication of best practices.

Brakes Group

Charlie Burton, Strategic Merchandising & Pricing Director at Brakes Group

An informative and interesting event.


Dogus Karaca, Senior Pricing manager at Volkswagen

It was a great opportunity for me to take part in the 13th EPP Global Pricing Forum, was one of the best forums that I have participated in a long time. The forum covered a lot of information, in concise pieces that were easy to absorb. Clear structure, interactive and very effective. But it wasn’t just about the new knowledge. The main benefits came not only from participating actively in the workshops,  roundtable discussions,  panels and break-out sessions, but also from interacting with other pricing professionals who have a broad and deep knowledge in pricing.  The EPP Team has put a lot of thought and expertise into designing the agenda and content. Thanks so much for doing a great job!

In a nutshell, when it comes to pricing, the European Pricing Platform is definitely one of the best places where you can find answers to all of your questions to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.  I would highly recommend the upcoming EPP events to those working within or with an interest in the field of pricing and looking to grow both personally and professionally.

Spandex Group

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Albea Group

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Careem networks

, at

Vieira de Almeida

, at

Wolters Kluwer

, at


, at

Oerlikon Metco

, at

Lizeo Online Media Group

, at


, at


, at

Toyo Tire Europe

, at


, at

TVH Parts Holding NV

, at

CMV Informatics

, at

Blacklane GMBH

, at

Nokia Bell NV

, at

MAKRO Cash & Carry

, at

KLM Cargo

, at

SKIM Europe

, at

Tata Steel Europe

, at

DORC International

, at


, at

NXP Semiconductors

, at

Colruyt Group

, at


, at

TDC Group

, at

Meet pricing decision makers from:



Customer Success Study: PERSTORP

Real-time, algorithmic price guidance enables informed, data-driven responses in an increasingly competitive and transparent marketplace.

A case study by PROS.

10 Tips for Continued Pricing Success

It is easy to view a pricing and price optimisation as a project, when it should instead be viewed as a continuous process.

A whitepaper from Navetti.

Pricing Excellence Benchmark Report

Exploring the Practices and Capabilities That Are Setting New Standards for Pricing Excellence in B2B Environments.

e-paper by PROS


Download the e-book: How Modern Commerce with Dynamic Pricing Science Can Meet the Demands of Today’s B2B Buyer by PROS

E-book by PROS

Are you ready for the new era of digital business?

Why modern commerce with dynamic pricing science is the key to maintaining growth and viability.

  • Why modern commerce and why now?
  • Why modern commerce is not complete without dynamic pricing science
  • What else does modern commerce entail beyond dynamic pricing science?
  • How does modern commerce work in the real world?

Changing the revision game : a path to achieve price revision

In production industries, price revisions happen at least once every financial year. Price revision is a key process to adapt the business, with changes happening in all markets, and to maintain sustainable profitability. Through revision, you can maintain your desired market position and improve your market share.

6 Disruptive Trends in Pricing

In the digital enterprise, pricing has become a more strategic—and complex—discipline for CMOs and other business leaders. And according to Monitor Deloitte, one of our main partners at the upcoming EPP European & Global Pricing Forum, six trends in particular are changing the way companies can both create and capture value.

Applying the power of AI to dynamic pricing

10 Tips for a More Successful Price Optimization Project

A price optimization project is a major undertaking for any company. There are often multiple internal stakeholders, and it is likely to affect a wide range of internal systems and processes, from basic product management systems to cost and profit allocation and customer relationship programs. When done right, it can be one of the most profitable activities a company can undertake. But when done wrong, the dangers are equally significant. Based on our experience from hundreds of price optimization projects, we have assembled some general advice for any company that is about to embark on – or is thinking of starting – a price optimization project with the target of sustainable improvements. In our experience, these 10 points are applicable irrespective of whether the aim of the price optimization project is to improve profits, increase customer satisfaction, or create better internal efficiencies.

Learn even more HERE.

Download the e-book: Channel pricing, simplified.

E-book by PROS

How modern commerce powered by dynamic pricing science is transforming the channel partner experience.  

  • Why modernize your channel partner strategy and why now?
  • It’s not about managing channel pricing. It’s about managing pricing
  • What exactly is modern commerce?
  • What is your current pricing method costing you ?
  • How does a modern approach work in the real world?

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We hope you enjoy the content.


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