Embracing new pricing models in the age of digital transformation

The EPP team is very proud to announce the 12th yearly EPP® Global & European Pricing Forum. This year the forum will focus on the newest thinking, innovative pricing concepts and latest insights from leading pricing and monetization experts across the world.

Most industries face the digital revolution.   And it’s not only an IT challenge, it’s very much a pricing and monetization challenge.  How should you adapt your pricing and revenue model given digital trends?  How to adapt pricing to the changing customer journey?   How to deal with the multi-channel challenges and become more agile in pricing?  What opportunity is there from the newest pricing technologies as machine learning, artificial intelligence or large data – and how do we really implement them in practice ? And from whom can we learn?

Answers to these questions will be discussed, in a very interactive format, at the 12th annual EPP® Global & European Pricing Forum. This will be the “must” attend event of the year to stay ahead of the game as a pricing professional!

The forum agenda will cover:

  • Learn how driving profitable growth through dynamic B2B pricing
  • Discover the power of Predictive Analytics to exploit the true potential of big data
  • Explore the opportunities of price differentiation and how to achieve price transparency in a multi-channel strategy
  • Find out how to shift to subscription-based pricing models for revenue maximisation
  • Maximise the potential of benchmarking and competitive intelligence to harness the power of comparison

The EPP Global & European Pricing Forum is a truly innovative thought leadership event with a non-conference format.

Do you want to receive the pre-launch of the programme? – Use the ‘download brochure’ button above.  Or contact Elisa: elisa.arias@pricingplatform.eu

The Forum’s agenda was created together with the industry, and we are very proud to announce that the 2017 event will include:

  • Innovative workshops
  • Interactive round tables discussions
  • Panel Sessions
  • 2 Breakouts sessions: B2B & B2C
  • 18+ senior industry speakers sharing best practices and real case studies

Download the 2017 brochure now for the speaker line-up, agenda, workshops, pass information and more.

Reasons to attend the event:

  • Participate in the debate led by 20+ global top-notch industry leaders through keynote presentations, foresight panels and insightful breakout sessions
  • Translate speaker insights and analysis into bottom-line impact for your business
  • Network with 100+ industry peers in an unsurpassed environment for exchange and collaboration

If you are an influencer or specialize in pricing based on AI, machine learning- or agile pricing strategies in a digital world – we want to hear from you !

If you would like to contribute to this unique forum,
please contact Elisa Arias : elisa.arias@pricingplatform.eu


The must-attend event for innovative price leaders


    We stimulate an atmosphere of discussion and interaction, the best way to learn.


    A carefully selected speaking team of top pricing professionals, all active within your industry. No general talk, but only to-the point and useful presentations.


    With more than 1000 minutes of network opportunity, you have plenty of time to connect with pricing colleagues from all over Europe.


    Reflect on your key priorities and how to make it really happen !  Translate your key learnings into real change.



The two-day EPP Global Pricing Forum is divided into two blocks of content- and knowledge sharing: several simultaneous bootcamps from which participants can chose and keynotes in plenary sessions.

These are some of the topics included in the agenda:

  • Embracing new pricing models in the digital age – challenges and opportunities
  • Which technologies and solutions are proving key to accelerate innovation in pricing strategies and models?
  • How are businesses adapting to the rise of digitisation? How is pricing reacting to this change?
  • Driving profitable growth through dynamic and predictive B2B pricing – trends and predictions
  • From silo to cross-functional pricing decisions: how a collaborative structure can position pricing strategies at the centre of the organization?
  • How can the C-suite in your organisation best support and champion the pricing journey and its swift to digitisation?
  • Exploiting the opportunities of multi-channel price differentiation
  • Harnessing the power of IoT to transform the way your products are priced
  • Unlocking the power of price elasticity to reduce risks
  • Exploring price‐setting and demand behaviour in the sharing economy
  • Segmenting customers for price differentiation as a profit maximising strategy
  • Shifting to subscription-based pricing models for revenue maximisation
  • How is Big Data and Artificial Intelligence transforming pricing in retail?
  • Benchmarking and Competitive Intelligence: harnessing the power of comparison
  • Find out how new digital trends are changing consumer behaviour

And more topics…

Download the 2017 brochure now for the full speaker line-up, agenda, bootcamps, pass information and venue.


November 29th 2017

Contact Forum Producer

Elisa Arias


“Ideas and knowledge sharing, but also building a network of partners”

Magnus Englund, Pricing Tools Development Manager at Alfa Laval

This seminar was very interesting and carried out in a professional way. I joined it because bringing just one new good idea home or seeing a new different solution angle to an existing problem makes a difference.

“The key role that pricing decisions play in running your business”

Eric van der Hammen, Chairman at Royal Netherlands Society for Marine Technology

To spend two days focusing on an item such as “strategic pricing” was a true eye opener in the sense that it reminded me of the key role that pricing decisions (should) play in running your business successfully.

“Interactive discussions with fellow attendants”

Lex Van Bruggen, Product Manager Spare Parts at Lely Industries NV

“This event gave me a really good insight into different pricing methodologies and how to improve pricing of spare parts in my company. Moreover, the interactive discussions with fellow attendants were very valuable.”

Meet pricing decision makers from: