March 23-24, 2022 – Amsterdam

2nd EPP GLOBAL FMCG/Consumer Goods Pricing & Revenue Growth Management Forum

2nd EPP GLOBAL FMCG/Consumer Goods

Pricing & Revenue Growth Management Forum

Newest technology, successful methodologies, approaches, and pricing models to drive portfolio growth, revenues and profits

The must-do pricing conference

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2nd EPP GLOBAL FMCG/Consumer Goods  Pricing & Revenue Growth Management Forum

The 2nd EPP Global FMCG/Consumer Goods Pricing & Revenue Growth Management Forum is the only global pricing forum dedicated to FMCG and Consumer Goods (CPG) companies.

This unique forum brings together the pricing and revenue growth management (RGM) thought leaders, technology innovators and industry practitioners to share innovative insights, practical roadmaps and real-life best practices to enhance your pricing and RGM projects.

If you are involved in pricing and revenue management, monetization of digital, revenue growth, trade, channel management, ecommerce & omnichannel management, data science, brand or category management – and targeting the end consumer/shopper – this is a must-do conference for you.

Agenda sessions:

  1. Defining your consumer centric pricing strategy and value creation
  2. Implementing your Revenue Growth Management game-plan: the 5 RGM Levers (Pack Price Architecture, Consumer Pricing, Promotion Effectiveness, Mix and Go-to-Market)
  3. Integrating your pricing and revenue growth strategy into your day-to-day operations and execution


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2nd EPP GLOBAL FMCG/Consumer Goods Pricing & Revenue Growth Management Forum

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March 23rd 2022

Session 1: Defining your consumer centric pricing strategy and value creation

The importance of Value Creation, or why should we start from consumer-centric value

Ji-Hoon Dierckx - Founder & CEO – PricingOne & Thomas Walter - Global RGM Director - BEL Group

  • Managing the pressures on margins (raw materials, market trends, trade expectations, consumer behaviour)
  • Defining the role of the consumer and brand building, creating value and pricing power
  • How to go beyond pricing, to store execution in a triple win together with the retail customers

New consumer trends, patterns, and behaviour - understanding the impact in your revenue model

Radmilo Vlacic - Head of Commercial Operations - Philip Morris International

  • Identify the value of each of your products and transform your portfolio development
  • Pricing new products/innovation – key strategies to price your new products, its process and structure
  • How to achieve a clear diffraction from one product to another in your portfolio

Defining your price strategy

Wendy Janssen - Head of Business Strategy & Analytics - Mars

  • Understanding exactly your price strategy and its definition
  • Find out the key elements that define your price strategy
  • Building a roadmap: moving away from promo/trade spend optimisation towards RGM
  • Embracing a customer centric pricing model to define your RGM price strategy

Session 2: Implementing your Revenue Growth Management game-plan: the 5 RGM Levers (Pack Price Architecture, Consumer Pricing, Promotion Effectiveness, Mix and Go-to-Market)

  • Understanding the levers of Pricing and Revenue Growth Management
  • How Occasion-based and Pack Price Architecture RGM approach can help optimise your portfolio and influence your innovation pipeline
  • Translating the Pricing and RGM Strategy into concrete commercial plans: Business Cases

Executing a successful pack price architecture

Enrique Perez Abelleyra - Revenue Management Europe Head – Heineken

  • Portfolio management based on occasions and behavioural science
  • Leveraging discrete choice modelling to identify roadmap of opportunities

Shelf pricing - linking consumer value to your pricing strategy

Rafael Gomes - LatAm RGM Manager - Kimberly-Clark

  • The importance of examining the shelf price of your competition
  • How to improve profitability or your product portfolio and look for new ways of revenue when setting your shelf pricing
  • Growth Drivers, Consumer Trends
  • Channel, Retailer, Brand, Items Mix
  • SKU Optimization

Promotion strategy excellence

Ignasi Moreno – Pricing & Analytics Manager - Frit Ravich

  • Find out how to predict and manage promotional effects
  • Consumers react different on price points – understanding the consumer and knowing who is more sensitive to competitive price or value offers
  • Explore the latest promotional strategies to decrease losing margins because of promotions
  • Learn which price promotions generate the biggest impact on sales
  • What other factors can influence the success of price promotions?
  • How long should a price promotion last?
  • Trade Margin, Optimization by Retailer
  • SKU-Level Commercial Plan by Retailer
  • NS, SM% & TM% Dynamic Optimization
  • Optimising your omnichannel mix in line with your price strategy
  • The omnichannel of your products – understand where to place your products and how this affects your pricing strategy
  • Adapting your packaging, format and price according to the channel

Working Workshop A : Leverage machine learning to predict what shoppers will buy

Ingo Reinhardt - Co-Founder and Managing Director - Buynomics 

  • The core problem of revenue management is anticipating how shoppers will react to offer, price, and promotion changes 
  • Legacy methods such as price elasticities are unable to provide reliable predictions given the complexity and dynamics of markets 
  • Use case: Use of the buynomics technology to assess the profitability of product innovations 
  • How to manage your pricing strategy across all channels – the challenges and the process behind
  • The changing channel landscape for consumers now: build your pricing strategy across all channels, regardless of whether the ultimate sale happens in-store or online
  • Managing your promotion strategy amongst all your different channels

Session 3: Integrating your pricing and revenue growth strategy into your day-to-day operations and execution

Embedding revenue management cross functionally

Sam Wolfenden – CFO North West Europe – PepsiCo

  • The role of Revenue Management from a CFO perspective
  • How to upskill the organization in Revenue Management
  • Revenue Management KPI’s and challenges
  • What support do you need from your finance team to drive NRM

Building a RGM culture – Make pricing & revenue management a core team in your organisation

Wojciech Leszczak – Commercial Capability Director International Markets - Beam Suntory

  • Change Management – getting the right people on board within your organisation and communicating the importance of your RGM & pricing teams
  • How to organise the pricing competencies in the light of innovative revenue models
  • Integrating pricing decisions in the company’s value chain to secure a profitable growth for the entire organisation

Putting RGM at the heart of the organisation with an end-to-end approach

Andy Williams - Revenue Growth Management Lead - Kellogg’s

  • A case study of how RGM shifted from a pricing & promotion function, to the team enabling win-win agreements with customers as a result of gaining a deep understanding of the wider supply chain and customers’ challenges

Tailored and dynamic omnichannel investments

Kerem Cataner - Global Sales Revenue Growth Management Director - Reckitt

  • Translating a RGM price strategy into your promo policy and trade investment
  • Optimising promotional investments

Reinventing the out-of-home trade investment strategy post Covid

Jens Van Stappen - Head of Revenue & Category Management Germany - Anheuser-Busch InBev

  • Restructuring the full trade investments in the out of home channel in times of high uncertainty
  • Aligning your trade investment methodology with your portfolio strategy
  • Engaging & educating your front line field force to execute and drive profitable topline growth
  • Hear how the transformation and implementation was done when moving to eCommerce
  • What are the key aspects and strategic elements when using the online channel?
  • A successful execution, a case study, and key takeaways of innovative ways of using eCommerce
  • Learn how to design a shelf conjoint survey within 30 minutes
  • Distribute the survey to a target audience with laser precision in just a few clicks
  • Interpret results using clear visualisations and make data driven decisions using easy to use market share and price simulators
  • Data visualization & management – How to leverage the full potential of data and what tools are available
  • The latest analytics techniques and tools to deal with data and the mechanisms to analyse effectively
  • How to visualize the data in multiple patterns and changes

Automated global analytics to support local RGM

Emilie Bianchi - Revenue Growth Manager – Western Europe – Barilla

  • Learning from global behavioural shifts & predictive forecasting
  • Data science to drive RGM
  • The available tools supporting the implementation of pricing excellence

Reinventing the out-of-home trade investment strategy post Covid

Jens Van Stappen - Head of Revenue & Category Management Germany - Anheuser-Busch InBev


Ji-Hoon Dierckx

Ji-Hoon Dierckx

Founder & CEO


Ji-Hoon Dierckx

Ji-Hoon Dierckx comes with more than 20 years experience in CPG. First at P&G, where Ji-Hoon has been leading Revenue Management and Pricing Strategy. Then at PricingOne, a revenue management consulting firm that he founded few years ago in Geneva and Dubai. His consumer-centric RGM approach consistently brings significant Net Sales and Margin growth across consumer goods sectors.

Wendy Janssen

Wendy Janssen

Head of Business Strategy & Analytics


Wendy Janssen

Wendy is a knowledgeable business and analytics leader with 15+ years’ experience in global roles across both CPG and Retail. Currently she is the Head of Business Strategy & Analytics at Mars, responsible for value creation in areas such as Strategic Revenue Management. Before Mars, Wendy worked at Kingfisher, as their Group Pricing Director, and Unilever, where she spent nearly 8 years as the Global Analytics & Pricing Director. She managed a team of data scientists and developed and implemented numerous analytical solutions to drive faster and more effective decision making in marketing, category management and sales. Furthermore, she was a core member of the global Net Revenue Management Centre of Excellence, responsible for consulting and capability building on topics around strategic pricing, channel pack price architecture, mix and trade promotions.

Sam Wolfenden

Sam Wolfenden

CFO North West Europe

PepsiCo Europe

Sam Wolfenden

Sam Wolfenden leads the Revenue Management function for PepsiCo’s Europe region, based in the UK. He has over 14 years of experience in CPG Revenue Management & Commercial Strategy. Sam’s experience spans the full Revenue Management discipline, and in his current role is responsible for driving both the short & long term revenue management performance as well as an extensive capability, organisational, systems & analytics transformation programme. Sam holds an MEng in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College London.

Enrique Perez Abelleyra

Enrique Perez Abelleyra

Revenue Management Europe Head


Enrique Perez Abelleyra

Optimizing business performance via Revenue Management. Driving business strategy; using data driven insights, cross collaboration & execution, while developing company capability.
More than 15 years of progressive Omni-Channel achievements, capitalizing outstanding results and learnings from 5 top global FMCGs.

Thomas Walter

Thomas Walter

Global RGM Director

BEL Group

Thomas Walter

Thomas Walter is an expert of negotiation with CPG Retailer and Category Management and is now leading the Bel Group transformation on Revenue Management.

Ignasi Moreno

Ignasi Moreno

Pricing& Analytics Manager

Frit Ravich

Ignasi Moreno

Emilie Bianchi

Emilie Bianchi

Revenue Growth Manager – Western Europe, Company


Emilie Bianchi

15 years of experience in FMCG companies, on both Finance and Commercial Department.
After 10 years in controlling dept, being a strong business partnering and using finance knowledge, I decided to move to Revenue Growth Mgmt & Pricing function.
I am now a key player driven by business results and profitability optimization on all categories, Meal Solution (Pasta & Sauces) and Bakery.
After 4 years in Cadbury, 8 years in Heineken, I am now responsible of the development of RGM in Barilla for Western Europe, and also in charge of a global IT project dedicated to Promotion Optimization for France.

Rafael Gomes

Rafael Gomes

LatAm RGM Manager


Rafael Gomes

Rafael Gomes is a RGM professional with more than 9 years of experience in RGM for multinational companies, with a bachelor’s degree in Administration and Strategically Business Management MBA. Rafael has wide expertise in put in place new RGM departments, specifically implement and review Pricing & Commercial Policies, Price-Pack-architecture development and leverage RGM culture. Beside on that, previously has worked with Sales & Financial Planning and Control, BI and S&OP.

Andy Williams

Andy Williams

Revenue Growth Management Lead


Andy Williams

Andy has been a key part of Kellogg’s RGM journey; initially working on the UK market before moving to work on Pan-European initiatives. He has first-hand experience of the full RGM spectrum, from short-term optimisation initiatives in specific markets to long-term strategic value creation initiatives, with plenty of analytics and capability-building in-between. Andy holds an MBA from Lancaster University.

Jens Van Stappen

Jens Van Stappen

Head of Revenue & Category Management Germany

Anheuser-Busch InBev

Jens Van Stappen

General management profile with a strong commercial-analytical skillset & a proven track record of delivering results and transformation. I have a strong passion to lead with impact with a strong, diverse team and learn continuously.

Currently, I am responsible for the revenue and category management department of our German business as part of the German commercial management team. Through connecting the dots of consumer & shopper insights with a portfolio strategy including a strong innovation agenda and deep understanding of our internal financials, we are managing to drive profitable topline growth.

Kerem Cataner

Kerem Cataner

Global Sales Revenue Growth Management Director


Kerem Cataner

Kerem is currently based in London and has started his career in the CPG industry in 2007 as a sales supervisor in the indirect channel at PEPSICO back in Istanbul, Turkey. Since then, he had held various commercial roles at PEPSICO and Mondelez International in Dubai, UK and Turkey across channel management, customer development, category planning and sales strategy. Currently, Kerem is working for Reckitt as a global sales revenue growth management director and he is responsible for developing and deploying core RGM principles which are; promo optimisation, pricing and sizing and trade investment optimisation.

Wojciech Leszczak

Wojciech Leszczak

Commercial Capability Director International Markets

Beam Suntory

Wojciech Leszczak

Wojciech is business-oriented executive with 19 years of expertise in large scale organisation with cross-departmental experience in commercial functions in beer industry. His professional career went through internal audit, commercial finance, sales, sales development and revenue management.
Under his leadership, revenue of the company grew by 6% annually in the last 3 years.
He successfully drove transformation programmes in the organisation delivering significant savings and improving effectiveness (e.g. by using AI in route planning for sales representatives, by leading transformation of reporting&analysis process using lean practices and managing route-to-market process).
Wojciech has education background in Business Administration and Financial Analysis, holds the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification and the Certified Internal Auditor qualification.
Privately loves cycling, kitesurfing, playing football, chess and literature.

Radmilo Vlacic

Radmilo Vlacic

Head of Commercial Operations

Philip Morris International

Radmilo Vlacic

Seasoned leader with people and project management expertise. Highly driven by transformation & organizational challenges. With proven track record in General management, Sales & Marketing focused on Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Knowledgeable in intercultural environments and accomplished in working with multicultural teams. Experienced in strategy, customer understanding and focus, digital transformation and organizational leadership.

Shreya Basu

Shreya Basu

Regional Revenue Growth Manager


Shreya Basu

Shreya is the regional revenue manager at Bacardi Europe, overseeing key RGM pillars such as price-to-consumer and price-pack architecture. She brings several years of experience in end to end product pricing as well as internal negotiations for multi million dollar deals . Prior to Bacardi, Shreya was working as a senior analyst at Cargill.

Apart from her professional experience, she has a PhD in Economics, specializing in consumer search behaviour in digital commerce, publishing several papers in high impact journals.

Matt Johnston

Matt Johnston

Founder & CEO

EPIC Conjoint

Matt Johnston

Matt Johnston is a seasoned commercial marketing professional possessing over 20 years Pricing, Product and Segmentation experience with Tier 1 brands in Europe, North America, the MENA region and Southeast Asia.
Matt is founder and CEO of a SaaS market research startup called EPIC Conjoint. Top global brands such as Vodafone Group, Philips, Three, Virgin Media and Whirlpool use EPIC Conjoint’s agile survey platform to optimize profit by predicting customers’ product preferences and willingness-to-pay in near real time.

Ingo Reinhardt

Ingo Reinhardt

Co-Founder and Managing Director


Ingo Reinhardt

Before founding buynomics, Ingo was a Senior Director with Simon-Kucher & Partners, a global leader in pricing. He holds a PhD in Management from the University of Cologne and diplomas in Management and Mathematics. He was a PostDoc at the University of Oxford and published in the Strategic Management Journal.

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"Monetized has been a unique opportunity for learning and networking with the top experts in B2Me pricing from global companies in a wide range of industries. We have had the chance to share our business experience and get so much in return: new methodologies, techniques, good practices and great contacts from the best-in-class of B2Me pricing "

Emilio Zunino - Managing Partner at Maiora Solutions

"It was a great experience for me to participate in the EPP Monetized – B2Me Pricing Forum. Inspirational speakers, excellent knowledge sharing with leading Pricing experts and professional organization. Big thank you to the EPP team "

Armin Fehl - Product owner Pricing at METRONOM GmbH - A METRO company

"It’s been a pleasure to share my experience in digital and in-store commerce, business development and revenue management with top FMCG and Retail executives and distinguished expert-speakers from around the world at the EPP Monetized B2Me Pricing Forum last week in Amsterdam. This conference gave me the opportunity to learn, interact and network with seasoned pricing leaders, with the outstanding support of the EPP team "

Juan Jardón Parada - Chief Commercial Officer at Caprabo

"Good Pricing professionals are as scarce as hen’s teeth. Pricing experts are a good deal rarer! All credit to Pol Vanaerde, President of EPP, and his awesome team of professionals…..Britt Dejager , Mariana Flores, Lena Chatchatrian, Ripsime Matevosian, Camila Rios Salonia and Emma Cook….. for attracting and hosting such Pricing royalty under one roof for 2.5 days in the awe-inspiring setting of the Johan Cruijff ArenA. The level of Pricing insights and best practice shared at this EPP forum surpassed any conference I have ever attended! Looking forward to the next EPP Pricing exchange already!!!” "

Matt Johnston - CEO at Epic Conjoint

"EPP Monetized was an incredible conference where all pricing topics were covered: from overriding the usual B2B price realization challenges to Real-Time AI-based Pricing implementation in e-commerce.  It provided the best forum to connect and network with a broad range of pricing leaders as well as a superb opportunity to showcase TheTopLineLab’s methodology on Dynamic Pricing, all of it within a very well organized & structured event "

TheTopLineLab Team

"A great gathering of top of the edge pricing enthusiasts and experts "

Marion Veber - Head of Pricing at Eurostar


The Forum will take place at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel Amsterdam, at Schiphol airport (approx. 10 min by car, transfer free of charge) with its 440 hotel rooms and conference rooms, is about 15 km away from the city center. Directly opposite lies the Amsterdam forest, an ideal spot for running, cycling and walking. The location of the hotel in Amsterdam is easily accessible by car or public transport. There are multiple restaurants in the hotel; Trattoria with a weekly changing Italian menu, Sports & Media bar and/or our Bistro with a monthly change menu based on seasonal ingredients.


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