June 13 - 15, 2022 - Amsterdam

EPP Manufacturing Pricing Forum 2022

EPP Manufacturing Pricing Forum 2022

including aftermarket/spare parts

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The EPP Manufacturing Pricing Forum 2022 is the only international pricing forum dedicated to Pricing Directors of Manufacturing industries such as: Machinery, Semi-conductors, Automotive, Chemicals, Agro-chemicals, Electronic Components, Telecom, Aerospace, Building/Construction, Food Ingredients, MedTech & Diagnostics.

This extraordinary event brings together the pricing executives, thought leaders, technology innovators and industry practitioners from around the world to share innovative insights, real best practice and practical roadmaps to develop your pricing strategies and achieve your pricing goals.

This is the “must go to” global event for pricing executives which will be happening face-to-face in Amsterdam. The event offers you the opportunity to learn, interact and network during 3 days of innovative, intensive, and hands-on workshops (Day 1) and two days of Conference (Day 2 & 3) of expert presentations, panel discussions, working roundtables, a great exhibition area showing casing the latest technology, an unforgettable evening event and many more networking activities.

The workshops and conference will enable you to understand and identify the most effective pricing models to effectively mitigate current inflation prices, alongside actionable pricing strategies.

If you have any questions about the event or if you would like to contribute to this unique forum, please contact Mariana Flores at mariana.flores@pricingplatform.com

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If you would like to contribute to this unique forum, please contact Mariana Flores at mariana.flores@pricingplatform.com

EPP Manufacturing Pricing Forum 2022 - Including aftermarket tracks

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June 13th 2022

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Do you have the pricing strategy and tactics and commercial excellence to compete and accel in today’s volatile environment? Join Gabriel Smith, Chief Evangelist of Pricefx, for a workshop focused on the keys to success to enable agility, drive profitable growth, and reduce overhead and risk in a digital first world.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to look at your pricing maturity and operational excellence
  • What are the KPI and benchmarks you should looking at
  • How you can improve these metrics
  • The value that pricing and operational excellence can drive
  • Real life case studies and value metrics from manufacturers
14.15 – 15.45


Two critical areas for maximising profitable performance are pricing and sales. These strategies must work hand in hand to unlock the value of your business model, but they aren’t the only strategies. Commercial Excellence is achieved through relentless pursuit across several business capabilities.

Consider your business cases that identify the value of pricing and commercial excellence initiatives, adapt to internal pressures and external volatility, and have higher levels of organizational adoption.

In this workshop you will:

  • Participate in strategy-defining and decision-making exercises
  • Review potential value drivers and common areas of risk
  • Concept a model for success for your pricing interests
  • Learn what industry peers are doing to drive margin uplift and increase business process efficiency
16.00 – 17.30

Workshop 3: What Pricing Managers and Directors need to know regarding SAP and their strategy and new S/4HANA

Walter Wijnands - Chief Executive Officer – SPOSEA & Gauthier Victor - Principal Consultant, Rebate Management and SAP – SPOSEA & Sathya Kumar Hari - Principal Consultant, Pricing and SAP - SPOSEA

The majority of large(r) organisations in Manufacturing use SAP as their system
of record and where Pricing functions are done through the SD module. Do you
recognise the cumbersome way to work with it, partly due to how the solution has
grown all kinds of directions and often lacking one way or consistent way of working?
Just selecting and implementing an external (cloud-based) pricing solution
is not the holy grail.
This workshop focusses on SAP ’s strategy and how to capitalise on current ECC
and new S/4HANA instead of fighting with it. SPO SEA ’s specialists in Pricing,
Rebates and SAP will moderate this workshop.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to translate your current or future pricing strategy into SAP ERP without or
    in combo with an external pricing solution
  • What you do not learn is the details how to set up SAP , don’t worry
  • What you will learn is about master data set up, pricing schema’s and access
    sequences mirroring not just cost plus pricing but also modern strategies, using
    real life use cases
  • You will learn about how to benefit from new Rebate functions in S/4HANA
    making potential existing add-ons unnecessary or limited

June 14th 2022

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Strategic pricing and new models to succeed in the current volatile market conditions


Welcome and Chairperson Opening Remarks

Federico Boccardo – Global Customer Profitability and Pricing Excellence Manager - Cargill

  • Speed Networking Session – Meet all the participants and exchange business cards

With the current volatile market and raw material inflation, find out the best pricing strategy to implement

Luís Liberal – VP Commercial Policy & Pricing France Operations - Schneider Electric

  • How to adapt prices, stay competitive and implement an agile way of working within the current situation
  • Understand how to overcome the volume and demand fluctuation to find the way to recover the costs within the financial year
  • Strategic moves such as working within different channels, investing in relations, and monitoring the entire business to overcome the current volatile market condition

Agility at Scale: Build organizational credibility and confidence

Chris Kennedy-Sloane - Business Consultant - Vendavo

  • Why the pricing function is an instrumental part of any organization
  • Understand common roadblocks and mitigation strategies to drive profitability
  • Specific insights on how to get pricing a seat at the table to improve your company’s competitive advantage

Move from a product-centric to a successful customer-centric pricing model

Nazar Lukasevych - Head of Fair Pricing Competence Center – Hilti

  • Prioritize and build loyal customers by optimizing your price setting
  • Learn how to manage the right flexibility level of pricing model
  • Hear examples how to improve your price fairness by listening to your customer sentiment and willingness to pay more regularly

Equipment as a service (“EaaS”): overcoming barriers to full potential realisation

Christian Rohde – Expert Associate Partner - Bain & Company

  • Outline the key commercialisation models available to companies as they consider the transition to as a service model
  • Share the main barriers we see to companies achieving success in their journey from being a seller of equipment to a service player
  • Share perspectives on what steps companies can take in the interim to help with the journey

Nailing value-based pricing

Joris Smits - Author of 'Pricing Power', Global Leader Strategic Pricing Capability – Cargill

  • Five value drivers that every manufacturing company must understand
  • Building blocks for value-based pricing
  • Leveraging data science and AI
  • Managing change: Driving a value pricing and selling culture

Establishing effective pricing practices in an unpredictable market

Philipp Bloemecke - Executive Account Manager – PROS

We take a look at how to address an unpredictable market with effective pricing practices. We discuss the top priorities in 2022 for many companies, covering:

  • Identifying and handling key sources of market volatility
  • Dealing effectively with inflation
  • Addressing disruption to supply chains
  • Building a roadmap for lasting resiliency

Breakout Session Aftermarket: Lifecycle pricing excellence

Ryan Cherry - Senior Parts Strategy, Pricing and Margin Manager - Volkswagen Group UK

MODERATOR: George Boretos – Co-Founder & Co-CEO – Cube RM

  • Driving innovation among others through lifecycle pricing
  • Digital and Hybrid commerce – working in different sales channels
  • Even if we are not selling directly with digital channels, but our customers are, how to support them with the right solutions
  • A pricing strategy for each sale channel – learn how to handle the trade business when price sensitivity is even harder

Breakout Session Manufacturing: Cross-border pricing

Wendy Tang - Global Pricing Excellence Team Lead - HBK - Hottinger Brüel & Kjær

MODERATOR: Federico Boccardo – Global Customer Profitability and Pricing Excellence Manager – Cargill

  • Learn how to assess the risk of cross-border activity
  • Learn how avoid cross-border activity if you want to avoid it
  • How to act within the competitive legislation
  • Hear a real case study of how a company has achieved commercial excellence by nailing cross-border pricing

Breakout Session Aftermarket: Pricing Transformation in the Automotive Aftermarket

Michele Waters - General Manager of Pricing - GPC Asia Pacific

MODERATOR: George Boretos – Co-Founder & Co-CEO – Cube RM

  • Understanding how price transparency is driving a pricing model evolution in the Automotive Aftermarket
  • Applying a strategic pricing process in the Automotive Aftermarket
  • Creating Strategic Pricing for Strategic Growth in a multi-channel organisation

Breakout Session Manufacturing: The importance of competitive intelligence

Rafal Janaczek - Gross To Net Manager – Castrol

MODERATOR: Federico Boccardo – Global Customer Profitability and Pricing Excellence Manager – Cargill

  • Using and handling data to gain key competitive and customer pricing insights to build a strong pricing strategy
  • How to improve the competitive pricing knowledge in B2B that can drive you to a very profitable market

The power of omnichannel

Jochen Schmidt – Senior Solution Strategist – Pricefx

  • Placing your products on your own e-commerce channel opens the door to a new world – understand where to place your products and how this affects your pricing strategy
  • Optimising your omnichannel strategy in line with your pricing strategy
  • Omnichannel pricing – how to manage your pricing across your channels to avoid conflicts and stay aligned with your market strategy
  • Real experience of simplifying the complicated pricing models and turn it to practice
  • Demonstrate the method and tools of how to use sensitivity analysis in pricing activity
  • Building meta-models example to make models more simple and transparent

Organising Customer-centric pricing digitally to empower sales

Patrick C. Raab - Associate Director Pricing - BCG

Recent cases of successful next generation pricing transformations.

  • When to go for a more dynamic pricing strategy
  • How to adapt the price setting process
  • AI pricing transformation’s key components
  • Six choices to design a bespoke pricing organization

Panel Discussion: Change Management: Placing pricing in the heart of your organisation

Moderator: Federico Boccardo – Global Customer Profitability and Pricing Excellence Manager - Cargill & Martin Reeves - European Margin Enhancement & Pricing Leader - Air Products and Chemicals Inc. & Ruslan Galimov - Pricing leader, GE offshore wind - GE Renewable Energy & Luís Liberal – VP Commercial Policy & Pricing France Operations - Schneider Electric & Yves van Coillie - Global Director Strategic Pricing & Market Intelligence – FrieslandCampina

  • Real examples of how change management can unleash full price transformation potential
  • Hear what new pricing KPIs would reflect pricing performance in a company
  • Best practices on capability building to have the best pricing team

Closing remarks of the chairperson

Federico Boccardo – Global Customer Profitability and Pricing Excellence Manager - Cargill

June 15th 2022

Innovative technology and tools unleashing the potential of pricing


Welcome by the Chairperson

Michele Waters - General Manager of Pricing - GPC Asia Pacific


Using AI and ML applied in Manufacturing Pricing during turbulent times

Mohamed Bibimoune - CTO Predictive Layer - Predictive Layer

The last few months we have been faced with the highest inflation rates in half a century, which has been the top of the cake on a two years increasingly constrained supply chain, with global shortage on key components and continued cost escalation in raw materials and key utilities. In this session we want to share with you the key success factors which can help your company too successfully navigate this unique moment in business history.

Out of this session you will:

  • Be equipped with the hands-on notions on how to apply machine learning for pricing
  • Get an insider view on how leading businesses are using AI to continuously improve their pricing models
  • Learn how to use AI to understand price elasticity in Manufacturing

Data Management – The market is driving fast, and we need to adapt

Sven Kopp - ITSX EMEAI Pricing Leader - Ingersoll Rand

  • Which market data do you want to collect to improve your pricing decisions?
  • How to collect the data, who should collect the data and with which frequency?
  • How to make sure the right people in your organisation have access to the right data?
  • Learn how historical data insights enhance your pricing model

Predictive Pricing Guidance in Tendering Using Machine Learning

George Boretos - Co-Founder & Co-CEO - Cube RM

  • The importance of Tendering cross industries
  • Using Machine Learning to predict the outcome & optimize pricing for tenders
  • Expected benefits from using Machine Learning in Tendering

The next phase of innovative pricing


Hear the successful Michelin pricing transformation journey

Arnaud Potiron - Worldwide Strategic Pricing – Michelin

  • Understand why a pricing transformation was needed
  • Initiated five years ago, hear the key steps and strategic success factors when executing the pricing transformation
  • Find out where we currently stand and the future steps

Roundtable Discussions: Let’s take a step-back and work together to create the future of pricing, brainstorm ideas and real examples. All participants are welcome!

Moderators: Arnaud Potiron - Worldwide Strategic Pricing – Michelin & Martin Reeves - European Margin Enhancement & Pricing Leader - Air Products and Chemicals inc. & Sven Kopp - ITSX EMEAI Pricing Leader - Ingersoll Rand & Gianluca Fogu - EMEA Pricing Manager – IMI plc

  1. Is value-based pricing in aftermarket fiction – or is the market dictating the prices? Moderator: Arnaud Potiron – Worldwide Strategic Pricing – Michelin
  2. Data & Pricing Management: Hear new methods and latest strategies to manage data successfully Moderator: Martin Reeves – European Margin Enhancement & Pricing Leader – Air Products and Chemicals inc.
  3. Omnichannel pricing strategy – Analysis of how to manage your pricing strategy across all channels, the challenges and the process behind Moderator: Sven Kopp – ITSX EMEAI Pricing Leader – Ingersoll Rand
  4. Servitization: Share ideas of the impact on revenue when moving to a service model Moderator: Gianluca Fogu – EMEA Pricing Manager – IMI plc)

Followed by a presentation of the key results from the discussion of each roundtable.


Report Presentation: The current Tender Maturity Status of the Manufacturing Market

George Boretos - Co-Founder and Co-CEO Cube RM & Dr. Steve Laborda - CEO Valuebizbooster


Levering promotions & discount strategies

Gianluca Fogu - EMEA Pricing Manager – IMI plc

  • Planning, execution and monitoring of aftermarket promotions are crucial: learning from best practices
  • What alternatives do we have by lowering the price and what does it mean the way to interact with our suppliers?

The importance of change management for Pricing – Hear Cargill´s real case study

Federico Boccardo – Global Customer Profitability and Pricing Excellence Manager - Cargill

  • Analysis of a successful change management implementation and why it is crucial in Pricing
  • The guide of how to successfully design and implement change management

Inspirational Closing Conference: Look ahead and plan the future – Achieve Pricing Excellence

Yves van Coillie - Global Director Strategic Pricing & Market Intelligence - FrieslandCampina

  • In today’s economic environment with rising pressure and greater volatility, knowing how to achieve pricing excellence is a key source of competitive advantage
  • Volatility is our new normal: Learn how to accomplish an agile pricing process in a volatile market
  • Understand why will pricing be a source of competitive advantage
  • Plan towards a more structured price setting process

Closing remarks of the chairperson

Michele Waters - General Manager of Pricing - GPC Asia Pacific

Expert speakers

Joris Smits

Joris Smits

Author of 'Pricing Power', Global Leader Strategic Pricing Capability


Joris Smits

Joris Smits is a passionate pricing leader and author of the book ‘Pricing Power’. Over his career, he has helped numerous companies in various industries to improve their pricing policies in a highly practical, actionable way. His mission is to help companies get the best price for the value they deliver. His hallmark is finding and implementing solutions that work in the real world, balancing strategic boldness with operational feasibility. Before his career at Cargill, Joris had a career in consulting, where he specialized in pricing and commercial excellence.

Martin Reeves

Martin Reeves

European Margin Enhancement & Pricing Leader

Air Products and Chemicals Inc.

Martin Reeves

Martin commenced his professional career in the airline Industry as a Yield Controller in the late 80’s. He has worked for Air Products for over 30 years. Initially in joined the company in finance then various commercial roles before starting up their Pricing Function in Europe. With more than 15 years leadership pricing experience he has been responsible for introducing and driving the concepts of Pricing and Margin Enhancement within the Business. Martin has challenged his organization in adopting the Pricing principles and concepts by delivering significant benefits to both the top and bottom line. Using the “Pricing Pillars” strategy and embedding both in-house and purchased pricing software he has incorporated Pricing Analytics, Price management and Deal Management into a strategic asset of the company.

Michele Waters

Michele Waters

General Manager of Pricing

GPC Asia Pacific

Michele Waters

Passionate about pricing, Michele is a strategically driven pricing leader helping industries

build value transformation programmes and pricing Centres of Excellence that maximize

Profitable Revenue Growth sustainably and responsibly in complex business model


Over the last 20 years she’s built and led high-performing teams in large FMCG and

Automotive Aftermarket organisations in South Africa and Australia and is currently leading

the group pricing team at GPC Asia Pacific. A keen and curious analyst at heart, her

expertise lie in pricing systems diagnostics, developing organisational pricing models,

roadmaps and forming price strategies in multi-channel organisations.

Philipp Bloemecke

Philipp Bloemecke

Executive Account Manager


Philipp Bloemecke

After his studies, Philipp developed a career in various international corporations and geographic regions in supply chain, then managed transformation projects as a freelancer for several years and has been selling SaaS for pricing, price optimisation and CPQ at PROS for 3 years.
Extroverted character and strong advocate of networking without expecting anything in return. In LinkedIn you can find his details and don't hesitate to contact him if you have any questions.

Gabe Smith

Gabe Smith

Chief Evangelist


Gabe Smith

At Pricefx we built a faster, more flexible & friendlier pricing management, analytics, optimization & CPQ solution. We are 100% cloud native and have proven our scale, flexibility & value at some of the largest B2B & B2C companies in the world like Avery Dennison, Bosch, Dana, INEOS Styrolution, Scott's Miracle Gro, and Watsco, but are cost effective down to companies below $100M in revenue. Contact me if you want to become part of the pricing revolution: Pricing for the People!

Jochen Schmidt

Jochen Schmidt

Senior Solution Strategist


Jochen Schmidt

As a senior solution strategy consultant, I have gathered a decade of experience in the pricing industry. Working for multiple consultancy companies, building up strong strategic background but also implementing pricing software in various industries as an E2E project manager and configuration engineer, the combination of technical experience and strategic knowledge I own is key and necessary in the pricing software industry. I am a motivated and enthusiastic problem solver happy to engage with customers and prospects, supporting them on their pricing journey – which can start at whatever point you are.

Gianluca Fogu

Gianluca Fogu

EMEA Pricing Manager

IMI plc

Gianluca Fogu

Business & Marketing expert with extensive competences in Pricing & Revenues strategy, especially on B2B market. Program and process leader with proved analytical, communication and relationship skills including team management and business change projects in international organizations.

Rafal Janaczek

Rafal Janaczek

Gross To Net Manager


Rafal Janaczek

Rafal Janaczek is Global Gross to Net Manager at Castrol. Since the beginning of the career he has been associated with automotive and energy industry. He started from gathering experience in sales and operational roles and moved to the area of pricing and revenue management in 2011. He worked in automotive channel in Central Europe as member of Europe and Africa pricing team. In 2016 moved to USA, New Jersey to manage pricing processes transformation and capabilities building in Americas. For last couple of years holding global pricing and revenue management positions executing strategic aspects of the pricing at the global level, individual markets interventions as well as for building pricing capabilities inside of the organization.

Mohamed Bibimoune

Mohamed Bibimoune

CTO Predictive Layer

Predictive Layer

Mohamed Bibimoune

Mohamed is the CTO of Predictive Layer, identified as an expert of Machine Learning/AI with in-depth knowledge of dynamic pricing and time-series forecasting. With more than 10 years of experience deploying Machine Learning solutions in different industries like energy, supply-chain, retail and commodities, he is a unique interlocutor for pricing managers and analysts. The value creation for businesses from the industrialization of AI solutions is his main focus of attention.

Ryan Cherry

Ryan Cherry

Senior Parts Strategy, Pricing and Margin Manager

Volkswagen Group UK

Ryan Cherry

Ryan is a Senior Parts Strategy & Pricing Manager at Volkswagen Group UK, where he leads parts pricing optimisation projects for the Aftermarket, identifies pricing risks and opportunities and develops future pricing strategies aiming for both margin and customer retention improvement.

Ryan has previously worked across VWG UK for many brands including Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT and CUPRA in a variety of commercially-minded roles - with experience in aftersales operations, CRM and retailer marketing, as well as new vehicle tactical and product development and analysis.

Luís Liberal

Luís Liberal

VP Commercial Policy & Pricing France Operations

Schneider Electric

Luís Liberal

After 7 years of experience around the domains of IT Strategy, IT Audit and Cybersecurity at Deloitte (5 years), Vodafone and Atos, Luis joins Schneider Electric - world leader in energy solutions and digital automation for energy efficiency - in 2014. He joined the Internal Audit team where he started to develop expertise around commercial efficiency, price management and Commercial & Pricing Analytics with projects in more than 10 different countries.

Since 2017, Luis has deployed a Pricing Analytics team in operations in France and has led European projects for the deployment of harmonized pricing policies and the development of pricing management skills in this region.

In February of 2020, Luis was appointed Vice President Commercial Policy and Pricing for France Operations and member of the Management Committee of Schneider Electric France. Its mission is to deploy a price culture in commercial operations in France, to simplify the processes around operational price decisions and to take advantage of the price as a key lever for profitable growth in France.

In his private life, Luis devotes himself to his family, his passion for sport and appreciates good French gastronomy.

Luis graduated in Business Management & Computer Science in Portugal (ISCTE) with a specialization in Cybersecurity (Universidade Católica Portuguesa).

Darius Fekete

Darius Fekete

Head of Value Consulting


Darius Fekete

Darius is a Business Consultant with 14+ years of professional experience in pricing and digital transformations. He is an advocate for elevating commercial excellence to strategic levels in organizations and an expert in building dynamic pricing capabilities in commoditized markets.

Before joining Vendavo, he delivered several complex business transformation initiatives in B2B manufacturing, distribution, and financial services. Darius also worked at Simon-Kucher & Partners advising clients on top-line growth, price optimization and margin improvement initiatives.

Darius holds a Masters in International Economic Relations from the Cracow University of Economics in Poland.

Nazar Lukasevych

Nazar Lukasevych

Head of Fair Pricing Competence Center


Nazar Lukasevych

Nazar Lukasevych is a Head of Global Pricing Competence Center at Hilti, a global leader in providing technology-leading products, systems and services to the worldwide construction industry. With a previous experience in business education, advertisement and telecom, Nazar has joined Hilti in 2010. Since then, he has held several marketing and pricing roles on a local, regional and global levels in Ukraine, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic and Germany. Nazar and his team in a Fair Pricing Competence Center are scaling Hilti’s Fair Pricing strategy globally, developing and implementing global pricing solutions for better pricing decision making and streamlined pricing governance

Chris Kennedy-Sloane

Chris Kennedy-Sloane

Business Consultant


Chris Kennedy-Sloane

Chris is a Business Consultant with Vendavo and brings a wealth of pricing and commercial experience across a wide range of areas, including IT, pharmaceuticals, genomics, manufacturing, food, and petrochemical industries. Most recently working in industry in the private equity space for LGC group, he drives pricing acceptance and excellence in businesses through creative, realistic solutions that demonstrate real value returns. Prior to Vendavo and LGC group, he ran the Western Digital EMEA pricing function.

Wendy Tang

Wendy Tang

Global Pricing Excellence Team Lead

HBK - Hottinger Brüel & Kjær

Wendy Tang

Over 12 years of experience at a Fortune 500 company and have worked in 3 different countries across Asia and Europe. Currently working in HBK, the product physics experts and world-leading expertise across all test and measurement domains. My pricing expertise covers Tender Pricing & Management, Revenue Management and Pricing & Process Excellence.

George Boretos

George Boretos

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Cube RM

George Boretos

George Boretos is the co-founder & CMO of Cube RM, a vendor of Tender Management software with integrated tender discovery using Natural Language Processing and pricing guidance for tenders using Machine Learning. He has more than 20 years of professional experience in executive leadership positions in product marketing, sales, corporate strategy, and pricing. He is also specializing in predictive pricing guidance & optimization models, with numerous successful business forecasts and scientific publications to his name in prestigious scientific journals and publishers, such as Elsevier and Foresight. He is a member of the International Institute of Forecasters.

Yves van Coillie

Yves van Coillie

Global Director Strategic Pricing & Market Intelligence


Yves van Coillie

Yves is heading the strategic pricing & market intelligence for a 3B Euro business within FrieslandCampina.
Graduated as PhD in Bio-engineering he started his career in Research & Development and later moved into sales and general management roles. He is a passionate business leader combining analytical think power and people management capabilities. Yves has a broad experience in driving consistent profitable growth with a data driven mindset and a proven track record in delivering bottom line impact. Influencing stakeholders using analytics to shape the business strategy while maintaining a good connection with people in the field.
His result-oriented approach, commitment, and passion for making things happen brings the organization sustainable growth.

Sven Kopp

Sven Kopp

ITSX EMEAI Pricing Leader

Ingersoll Rand

Sven Kopp

I´m the Pricing Leader for ITSX EMEAI within Ingersoll Rand, a global market leader with a broad range of innovative and mission-critical air, fluid, energy and medical technologies. I´ve been with the company for 6 years now in various pricing positions. Before joining, I´ve been a pricing consultant & market researcher. I studied media science and business administration with focus on empiric research and behavioral pricing.

Ruslan Galimov

Ruslan Galimov

Pricing leader, GE offshore wind

GE Renewable Energy

Ruslan Galimov

Ruslan Galimov is working as a pricing leader for Offshore Wind business in GE Renewable energy since 2018, covering global markets. He has been working in GE Power since 2011 as a Commercial Manager in European markets. Prior to that, Ruslan served as Head of the Strategic Development Department with Bashkirenergo utility in Russia, and other roles related to investments and economic analysis. Overall experience in energy industry is 15 years.

In his current role he is responsible for making value-based calculations, leading pricing models development and is in charge latest market analytics to support GE product offering in rapidly growing offshore wind market.

Ruslan holds a MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures from the Imperial College - London, UK, and a PhD in Economics and Management from Ufa State Aviation Technical University in Russia.

Dr. Steve Laborda

Dr. Steve Laborda



Dr. Steve Laborda

Consultant, expert, coach, and practitioner in B2B sales and marketing focusing on improving profitability, how to capture value, developing the competencies of the commercial people through customer and commercial excellence.

Walter Wijnands

Walter Wijnands

Chief Executive Officer


Walter Wijnands

With a background in Finance and Organizational Behavior, Walter has become a seasoned business leader and entrepreneur. A sharp businessperson with a proven track record gained over the past 25 years in the world of software and consulting in SAP ERP, Asset Management, and last 7 years in Commercial Excellence and Pricing. Walter was as an executive with various companies throughout his career, lastly at Rizing (formerly Vesta Partners) as European co-founder and responsible for the business throughout EMEA. Walter serves currently as the Chief Executive Officer at SPOSEA – the digital pricing company – with a big passion for pricing and with the responsibility of leading the company on a trajectory of growth.

Arnaud Potiron

Arnaud Potiron

Worldwide Strategic Pricing


Arnaud Potiron

Experienced Marketing and Sales Manager graduated from HEC School of Management with worldwide exposure, including expatriation
Broad experience in Sales (Account and Team management), Marketing with a specialty in Pricing and organizational & digital Transformations
Roles in B2B and in B2C environment.

Federico Boccardo

Federico Boccardo

Global Customer Profitability and Pricing Excellence Manager


Federico Boccardo

I am an Italian Management engineer with an MBA and more than 12 years of international B2B2C experience in leading projects with cross-functional teams and commercial transformation programmes. Skilled in numerous business strategy and change management fields as well as Business development, CRM implementation, Digital transformation, Pricing (certified EPP Pricing Manager), Targeted value proposition definition, Commercial excellence, M&A, Business unit strategies among others. I am married, currently living in Milan after 10 years of Belgium (Brussels) and 2 of Spain (Valencia) and during my spare time I enjoy cooking and eating in good company as well as practicing all kind of sports!

Christian Rohde

Christian Rohde

Expert Associate Partner

Bain & Company

Christian Rohde

Christian Rohde is an expert associate partner in Bain’s B2B commercial excellence practice, based in Copenhagen. Christian focuses primarily on B2B pricing optimization within industrials, including corporate and PE backed clients. Prior to joining Bain, Christian worked for specialist pricing consultancy for several years.
During his more than 10 years in pricing consulting, Christian has led numerous large scale global pricing transformations, with common improvement areas including i) introduction of strategic value-based monetization strategies, ii) engineering new discount governance and facilitating change in frontline behavior and deal approval, iii) realizing innovative monetization models, incl. solution/service selling.

Patrick C. Raab

Patrick C. Raab

Associate Director

Boston Consulting Group

Patrick C. Raab

Patrick is passionate for Pricing and Monetization, he advises clients in multiple industries and geographies. He also holds lectures (ETH Zürich, University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt) and speaks at dedicated conferences. Patrick’s expertise covers a broad range of topics in Pricing and Commercial excellence, e.g., from organizational enablement, value pricing, pricing psychology, and data- & analytics-driven optimization.
As an Associate Director at BCG in Düsseldorf, Patrick is a core member of the Marketing, Sales and Pricing practice and has more than 15 years of professional experience in the area from various industry positions (Syngenta, Vorwerk holding) and management consulting (Simon-Kucher, Kearney).

Gauthier Victor

Gauthier Victor

Principal Consultant - Rebate Management and SAP


Gauthier Victor

Gauthier has become a Principal Consultant in Rebate Management in general and a specialist for SAP Settlement Management, and has a background in Finance and Management of Information Systems. Starting his career as SAP FI consultant, he quickly moved into retail and SAP and later on into Rebates in general. Before SPOSEA, where he leads Rebate Management and BrightPrice Rebate, Gauthier worked for leading System Integrators such as Atos, Deloitte, as well as in specialist boutique consultancies (E.g. Beyond Technologies for retail industry). His specialism in the module SAP Settlement Management brings together various of his skills such as FI, Logistic, Pricing and Master data. Settlement Management is nowadays THE foundation solution to manage sales/purchase rebates, royalties, and commissions in SAP S/4HANA, replacing the old SD rebate functionality of SAP ECC.

Sathya Kumar Hari

Sathya Kumar Hari

Principal Consultant - Pricing and SAP


Sathya Kumar Hari

Implementing Pricing and Rebates excellence for over 15 years with a very pragmatic approach at Domestic and Multinational companies, makes Sathya valuable for almost any company. He supports Contract Management, Pricing and Revenue management regarding the process (including process redesign) as well as convert this into usable solutions for end users of SAP using SD as well as SPOSEA’s BrightPrice. He helps customer move from their legacy pricing framework to a more robust market oriented agile solutions with measurable outcomes. At SPOSEA, Sathya leads customer engagements and is one the thought leaders of the next generation Pricing Solution BrightPrice.

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"“EPP adds a lot to the pricing domain. My experience is always enhanced by the great organization directed at combining expertise from various industries with vital upcoming trends in pricing. Being able to network, listen and learn, and be exposed to top professionals stimulates creativity and helps me take a fresh perspective back to work.”"

Ebrahim A. Elebiary - Pricing Manager Consumer Europe Central - Goodyear Dunlop Tires

"“Great experience to attend to my first EPP event as an speaker, hopefully not the last. An excellent opportunity to exchange with pricing experts from different industries as well as with vendors with super advance proposal to help companies. I recommend to join, lo learn, share and also enlarge your pricing network.”"

Pedro Argudo – Business Intelligence Consultant– Schneider Electric


The Forum will take place at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel Amsterdam, at Schiphol airport (approx. 10 min by car, transfer free of charge) with its 440 hotel rooms and conference rooms, is about 15 km away from the city center. Directly opposite lies the Amsterdam forest, an ideal spot for running, cycling and walking. The location of the hotel in Amsterdam is easily accessible by car or public transport. There are multiple restaurants in the hotel; Trattoria with a weekly changing Italian menu, Sports & Media bar and/or our Bistro with a monthly change menu based on seasonal ingredients.

EPP has secured a preferential room rate at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel Schiphol in Amsterdam. In order to make your reservation, please download the booking form HERE and email it to bookings.amsterdam@steigenberger.com.

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As inflation soars, companies are increasingly getting pummeled by rising labor, input, and logistics costs, putting “tremendous” pressure on the bottom line. Inflation has now risen to a 40-year high of 7.5%, and just last week, Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell said that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will likely worsen inflation. So it’s hardly surprising that the most urgent requests among Bain’s clients center on pricing—specifically, crafting an effective inflation response.

Rethinking Pricing, Revenue and Profits in Manufacturing

This paper explores the state of manufacturing, the changes it is experiencing, and proposes a framework for manufacturers to continue growing despite complexity and uncertainty.


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