EPP Pricing Events
by Mia Pappijn

Why executives should make pricing their personal mission?

The key to higher profits: pricing power.

Be prepared for the upcoming training ‘Spare Parts & Services Pricing’ organised by the European Pricing Platform with these two documents we want to share with you.

  • In 2012 Simon-Kucher & Partners conducted their Global Pricing Study, a comprehensive survey of over 2,700 executives and managers in over 50 countries, made one fact clear: the wellspring of pricing power is the C-suite. Companies whose CEOs make a personal commitment to pricing – and who take an active role in it – have much  higher pricing power and much higher profits than those whose CEOs do not have pricing high on their agendas. Download the e-book here.
  • The article of Antoine and Jan on Aftersales Pricing gives a good overview on how spare parts pricing should work. It’s actually a great introduction to the topic of the first day of the training. Download the article here.