Michael Herepath, the moderator for the EPP Life Sciences Executive Round Table

Posted on 10 Apr 2017 by Mia Pappijn

Michael Herepath, the moderator for the EPP Life Sciences Executive Round Table

Did not yet receive your personal and exclusive invitation for this Lifes Sciences Round Table in Zurich at the end of this month?

Dear Colleagues,

For all sectors of the Life Sciences industry, gaining and sustaining optimal pricing and market access is critical to commercial success. As markets across the world become more highly regulated, competitive and interconnected with each other, effective pricing and market access strategies have become as vital to a company’s success as its products and its pipeline because, without optimal pricing and market access, medicines, devices and other technologies can never achieve their true revenue potentials.

To continue succeeding in increasingly complex and dynamic market access landscapes, manufacturers need to stay ahead of not just their competitors’ products and practices, but also of the increasingly sophisticated policies that governments and other payers implement to control prices, costs and usage of life sciences technologies throughout their healthcare systems.

In continuing to support pharma and med tech leaders in overcoming their pricing and market access challenges, EPP is proud to host this executive round table meeting, in which 30 selected participants will have a unique forum to address the real hot topics and trends in pricing and market access, such as:

The impact of pricing under pressure

  • How to properly price under a challenging, changing global healthcare market?
  • How pricing can incentivise the creation of incremental and breakthrough innovation?
  • What are the latest pricing trends that can support effective decision making?

With a team of renowned experts gathered to facilitate the discussions and to challenge participants’ thinking, this round table meeting will provide a rare opportunity to collaborate with fellow leaders and experts and to learn from each other by sharing thinking, insights and best practices in the development of innovative approaches and practical solutions to the global challenges of 2017 and beyond.

I look forward to being the moderator of this round table meeting, and to welcoming you to join us for what I’m sure will be a very productive and rewarding event.

Dr. Michael Herepath

Interested in joining the discussion and round tables on Pharma and MedTech? Send a mail to els.landuyt@pricingplatform.eu to get your personal invitation.