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Fabrizio Gianfrate

Professor of Health Economics - University of Ferrara, Luiss Business School Rome, Italy

Phd and Masters in Health Economics (Rome, Stockholm, York). Master in Economic Journalism. Full Professor of Health Economics, Market Access Consultant, Columnist. Ex-payer as AIFA member (pricing and reimbursement committee), Regional HTA Committees member (several Regions), Director at Ministry of Health (appointed), General Manager and Vice President of GSK Foundation Italy and of Angelini Foundation, several director roles in pharmaceutical industries, secondments in UK and US. Past: Director of several magazines on healthcare and pharma, formers member of Farmindustria, Assobiotech, CENSIS, EFPIA, Federfarma. Actual: Board Member of Italian Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Ethicals and Italian society of Healthcare studies). Author of more than 700 articles and 7 books.