EPP Pricing Events

Frank Frohmann

Senior Business Coach in an international chemicals company; author of the book “Digitales Pricing” - International Chemicals Company

Frank Frohmann has 23 years of leadership experience in marketing, sales and pricing. In his current role as a business coach at the German chemicals company Evonik he is focusing on his core competency which is pricing management. Frank Frohmann gained extensive pricing competencies covering inhouse consulting (Bosch, Lufthansa Cargo, Evonik), operative pricing and yield management (Lufthansa Passenger Business) and management consulting (like Simon-Kucher, Homburg & Partner, Roll & Pastuch). His book “Digital Pricing” is the very first work that combines “Digitalisation” (as the most important megatrend) and “Pricing” (as the most effective profit lever).   Frank Frohmann will tackle digitalisation trends and pricing challenges and share insights about pricing innovation. In his speech he will show in detail how innovative revenue and price models help companies to generate a sustainable competitive advantage. Frank´s examples on innovative pricing approaches are based on his cross-industry experience, including automotive, industrial goods and machinery as well as service sectors like telecommunications, transportation and tourism.