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Markus Pöttker

Post Market Surveillance MDR Lead - Smith+Nephew

Markus is a member of the EU MDR Global Project team leading the Post Market Surveillance work stream at Smith+Nephew. In this role, he is responsible that the requirements of the EU MDR are correctly interpreted, specified and implemented across the business functions globally. Prior to this, he spent seven years in Quality & Regulatory roles, at last he was the Director of Complaint Management and Head of Regulatory Compliance, Complaint Intake and Closure at Smith+Nephew with global responsibility for Complaint Handling, Medical Device Reporting and interaction with Regulatory Agencies. Markus is a member of MedTech Europe PMS & Vigilance Working Group since 2012 and a member of the corresponding standard committee to ISO TC 210 at the Swiss Association for Standardization. Markus holds a masters degree in law (Diplom-Jurist) from WWU Münster, Germany. He is fluent in German and English.