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Olivier Cognet

CEO - Predictive Layer

Olivier is cofounder & CEO of the Predictive Layer (Switzerland) focused on Automated Predictive Analytics based on AI & Machine learning for the sectors of Industry, Energy, Transport & Retail. Predictive Layer delivers scalable service to optimize with Artificial Intelligence the business processes of its large enterprise customers, including demand/supply Forecast, Dynamic Pricing, Supply Chain and Predictive Maintenance operations optimization. Previously, Olivier has developed a 25+ year international career in the technology, internet, software services with operations in EMEA, USA and Asia. As an executive of leading technology companies like Cisco, Nokia, Proximus, Olivier led product marketing, sales, corporate development activities but also innovation, strategic partnerships, M&A. Olivier has been an active corporate and venture investor with Cisco, Nokia and private equity firms. He contributes to the Board of Directors of innovative companies like Corenetix (IOT), By training, Olivier is an IT/Electronic engineer and he delivered business Innovation M&A, lectures into universities like MBA RSM Erasmus (Rotterdam), MIT MBA/Legatum.