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Omer Maqsood

Former Data Science Consultant - Dynamic Pricing - Chal-tec GmbH

Omer Maqood monetized 2019 Omer holds M.Sc. with specialization in Machine learning from University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and has wide-ranging research interests including deep learning and autonomous driving. Omer had been a member of McKinsey & Company's elite data science unit named Periscope and served in a client-facing capacity. His experience with data science included advising leading financial and retail firms worldwide on their analytics infrastructure and predictive analytics capabilities. Omer's highly sought after advice has successfully transformed the world's foremost financial institutions with the deployment of highly tailored and optimized analytics solutions from the ground up leading to significant client growth and impact. In April 2015, Omer received the highly prestigious Siemens Quickstarter funding, after competing with 111 other ideas presented by Siemens expert from across the globe, comprising of budget over 4.7 mio EUR. Omer's idea "Cloud based smart automation and predictive system" was the only idea to be selected from Siemens USA.