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Dr. Paul Artur Glenn

Portfolio Director - Deutsche Private Equity (DPE)

Paul Glenn is Portfolio Director at Deutsche Private Equity (DPE) in Munich. He has extensive management and pricing experience and had been working over 15 years in senior management / executive positions at international German companies in global roles. His specialties are general management, pricing, sales & after sales. Prior to DPE he has been globally responsible for a business area and for the global after-sales business at leading German international companies. Prior to that he was Head of Global Pricing. He developed and implemented new pricing strategies, methods, processes, managed the change from a decentralized to a global pricing organization and set-up and implemented a fully integrated global pricing-software in 45 countries in record time as one of the first. As a pricing expert he has wide practical and international pricing experience in Europe, Americas, and Asia-Pacific. He began his career as a pricing and management consultant. Dr. Glenn studied industrial engineering and management at the University of Karlsruhe / Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and has made additionally an MBA in the USA. He obtained his doctorate at KIT. He is a lecturer for Price Management and for Business Dynamics at the KIT and lecturer at RWTH, published books and articles and is advisory board member.