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Richard Charter

Head of Market Access & Pricing BD Diabetes Care EMEA - Becton Dickinson

To ensure healthcare systems are sustainable, there must be a complete transition to patient-centric value based healthcare (#VBHC). Medical devices have a unique place in the patient pathway to facilitate this change. Risk sharing agreements enable this dialogue. I am currently the co-chair of the ISPOR Working Group on the "Value Assessment of Medical Devices", and the vice-chair of the MedTech Europe 'Evidence and Payers' Working Group. Both groups have the common goal of aligning healthcare systems to value-based outcomes. I have 15 years of industry experience, I am a dual British / Canadian citizen, and currently live in Switzerland.

For the past 20 years I have studied several martial arts including Shotokan Karate, Aikido and Kendo. I am an avid Formula 1 auto racing enthusiast and an 'aspiring' Alpinist.