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Sara Carvalho

Title Senior Consultant, Global Pricing and Contracting - HighPoint Solutions, an IQVIA Company

Sara is a Senior Consultant with 4+ years of experience in Pricing and Tendering as well as in Commercial Excellence, based out of Geneva, Switzerland. She is responsible for leading projects within the Global Pricing and Tender Management practice from proposal development to project execution, management and oversight. Sara holds a Ph.D. in Evolutionary Genetics from the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia/Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal. While at HighPoint Solutions, an IQVIA Company, Sara has worked with emerging, mid-tier and large pharma on various Tendering and Contracting programs as well as projects on bid price analysis and optimization, tender markets archetyping, tender landscape characterization for biologics and small molecules, assessment and implementation of tender management capabilities.